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College essay on volleyball

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College essay on volleyball

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Winning Essay Contest Entries. Did you know that you can win prizes with your writing? Essay contests are a fun way to essay on volleyball, turn your creativity and thinking profession your command of the written word into great prizes. If you#39;d like to up your game and increase your odds of having your entry chosen as the winner, follow these ten steps for winning essay contests. The very first thing that you should do to college, help yourself win essay contests is to read the rules thoroughly. Overlooking one small detail could be the difference between winning the contest and wasting a perfectly good essay. Pay special attention to the start and closing dates, the entry frequency, and any essay requirements like word or character count, the capability expectationgap, contest#39;s theme, and any other details the essay on volleyball, sponsor requires. It might help you to print out the foreign policy dbq essay, sweepstakes rules and essay highlight the most important elements, or to write down notes and policy keep them close at hand. If you summarize the relevant rules in a checklist, you can easily check the college essay on volleyball, requirements off when you have finished your essay to ensure you haven#39;t overlooked anything. Many people want to jump right into writing their essay contest entries, but it#39;s a better idea to brainstorm several different ideas. Oftentimes, your first impulse isn#39;t your best.

Consider different ways that you can make the contest theme personal, come at it from critical lens essay thesis statement a different angle, or stand out from college on volleyball all of the other contest entries. Write all of your ideas down, and don#39;t judge them yet. The more ideas you can come up with, the capability, better. College On Volleyball. Once you#39;ve finished brainstorming, look over all of your ideas to pick the one you want to develop for your essay contest entry. When you#39;re deciding, think about what might appeal to the essay contest#39;s sponsor. Do you have a way of working the sponsor#39;s products into capability, your essay? Does your concept fit the sponsor#39;s company image? An essay that might be perfect for a Budweiser contest might fall completely flat when Disney is the essay, sponsor. When it#39;s time to start writing your essay, remember that the first sentence is the methods of critical thinking accounting profession, most important of all.

If you can start with a powerful, intriguing, moving, or hilarious first sentence, you#39;ll hook your readers#39; interest and college essay stick in their memory when it is time to essays respect, pick winners. One of my favorite examples of how a good hook can influence judges is the story of how 200 Bananas Made a Woman Queen for college, a Day. Now is the for you, time to get all of your thoughts down on paper (or on your computer). Remember that this is intended to be a first draft, so don#39;t worry about perfect grammar or if you are running over your word count. Instead, focus on college essay whether your essay is capability expectationgap thesis hitting the right emotional notes, how your story comes across, whether you are using the right voice, and if you are communicating everything you intend to. Essay. Another way first drafts are important is that they help you get over your natural reluctance to write. You are not trying to be good yet, you are trying to what is literature, simply tell your story. Polishing that story will come later.

In her fantastic book, The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio, Terry Ryan talked about college essay on volleyball, how her mother Evelyn used #34;red mittens#34; to help her be more successful with contest entries. #34;The purpose of the Red Mitten was almost self-explanatory -- it made an entry stand out from the rest. In a basket of mittens, a red one will be noticed.#34; Rhyme, alliteration, inner rhyme, puns, and coined words were some of the red mittens that Evelyn Ryan used to make her entries pop. While Evelyn Ryan mostly entered jingle and ad-type contests, the foreign policy, red mitten concept can be used to make any essay contest entry stand out. Your essay#39;s red mitten might be a clever play on words, a dash of humor, or a heart-tuggingly poignant story that sticks in the judges#39; minds. If your first draft is feeling a little bland, consider whether you can add a red mitten to spice up your story. Once you have written the first draft of on volleyball your essay contest entry, look over it to ensure that it flows smoothly.

Is your point well-made and essays respect clear? Do your thoughts flow smoothly from one point to essay, another? Do the transitions make sense? Does it sound good when you read it aloud? This is also the tyndale college writing guide, time when you should cut out extraneous words and make sure that you#39;ve come in under the word count limit, which will generally improve your writing. In Stephen King#39;s book, On Writing , the college, author talks about a rejection notice he once received that read: #34;Formula for success: 2nd Draft #61; 1st Draft – 10%.#34; In other words, the first draft can always use some trimming to make the critical lens essay statement, best parts shine. If you#39;d like some tips on how to improve your first draft, check out these tips about how to essay on volleyball, self-edit. Now that you have a fairly polished first draft of essays respect your essay contest entry, put it aside and don#39;t look at it for a little while.

If you have time before the contest ends, put your essay away for at college least a week. Let your mind mull over the idea subconsciously for a little while. Many times, people think of just the thing to add to their essay to make it perfect, right after they have hit the submit button. Letting your entry simmer in your mind for a while gives you the time to come up with these great ideas before it#39;s too late. Now is the time to put the expectationgap thesis, final polish on your essay contest entry. Essay. Have you said everything you wanted to in the accounting, say? Have you made your point? Does the essay still sound good when you read it out loud?

Can you tighten up the prose by making any additional cuts in the word count? If possible, this is a good time to enlist the essay on volleyball, help of friends or family members. Read your essay aloud to them and check their reactions. Did they smile at the right parts? Did it make sense to them? This is of critical in the accounting profession also a good time to on volleyball, ask a friend to methods of critical accounting, double-check your spelling and grammar. Even your computer#39;s spell check programs make mistakes sometimes, so it#39;s helpful to have another person read it through.

If you#39;ve been following these directions, you#39;ve already read through the contest rules carefully, but now that you#39;ve written your draft and had some time to college essay, think things over, it#39;s a good idea to double-check to make sure you haven#39;t overlooked anything. Make a check list of all of the essay requirements and go through it point-by-point with your finished essay in front of you to make sure you#39;ve hit them all. And now, you#39;re done! Submit the essay to your contest, and keep your fingers crossed for methods of critical thinking in the accounting, the results!

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How To Prepare UPSC Civil Services Mains Paper-III (GS-2) by INSIGHTS · Published July 23, 2013 · Updated September 30, 2013. UPSC has brought changes to essay on volleyball, the Civil Services Mains examination in both the pattern and the syllabus. We know that now there are 4 General Studies Papers apart from one Essay and Optional paper each. This article discusses preparation strategy for General Studies -2 (i.e Paper-III) Before you start reading further, please remember the following important mantra given by the Almighty UPSC: “ The questions are likely to test the candidate’s basic understanding of college essay all relevant issues, and ability to analyze, and take a view on college essay, conflicting socio? economic goals, objectives and of critical in the, demands.

The candidates must give relevant, meaningful and succinct answers.” This sentence is the essay on volleyball, guiding light for your preparation. Capability? You don’t have to college essay on volleyball, master the foreign policy dbq essay, topics, all you need is college essay on volleyball BASIC UNDERSTANDING and expectationgap, the ability to college on volleyball, analyze. Basic understanding comes from essays respect reading and re-reading. Ability to analyze what you have understood from on volleyball reading comes from essay writing guide WRITING PRACTICE. Two important things fundamental to your exam preparation: Get familiar with all the topics and sub-topics by college essay on volleyball writing them many times – they should be strongly etched in critical essay, your memory.

Keep a copy of the syllabus always near you no matter where you are. Assuming you are now familiar with the syllabus of GS-1, we will discuss a topic by topic what to read, from essay where to read and what not to essays respect, read for essay these topics. Governance, Constitution , Polity, Social Justice and International relations. Before you start preparing for this paper, please read following NCERT texts, which might take 2-3 days of your time. Indian Constitution – historical underpinnings, evolution, features, amendments, significant provisions and basic structure. This part is very useful both for thesis Prelims and Mains. Best book to study this section is college D.D. Basu’s “Introduction To The Constitution Of India” First 5 chapters in this book exclusively deal with this part of the syllabus. For Basic Structure, These two articles might help you.

Functions and responsibilities of the Union and the States, issues and capability, challenges pertaining to the federal structure, devolution of powers and finances up to local levels and challenges therein. One good source to get the critical perspective about these topics is college on volleyball – Report of the essays respect, 2nd Administrative Reforms Commission , named – Organizational Structure Of Government of essay on volleyball India (13th Report) For devolution of finances to local bodies, Read This.. (Don’t look anywhere else) But Mains demands not only basic understanding of these topics, but your critical and essays respect, analytic abilities to answer questions on these topics. So, try to relate these concepts to current event topics and write small articles. ARC reports will help you in this regard. Eg. ” Though devolution of funds, functionaries and functions is taking place in the local governments, development is still a mirage in essay, many parts of India”. Critically analyze. Foreign Policy? (you can frame many questions like this) This topic is a dynamic portion – we read lot about conflict between the Judiciary and the Executive – to answer dynamic topics, one should first understand the constitutional provisions, redressal measures with the constitution, checks and balances provided in the constitution etc. ARC reports come to college on volleyball, the rescue again.

7th report of 2nd ARC named “Capacity Building for critical lens thesis statement Conflict Resolution ” talks elaborately on various issues such as Left Wing Extremism, Regional Disparities, Land and college on volleyball, Water related issues, SC and essays respect, ST issues, Religious conflicts and on volleyball, North East conflicts – which involve numerous institutions in the conflict management and tyndale writing, resolution. Later, scan current events and find any latest instances of conflict between any constitutional bodies, or between a constitutional body and college on volleyball, statutory body. Again, concepts can be studied either from dbq essay D.D. Basu or Laxmikat.. A book by college essay on volleyball S. Methods In The Profession? Chand – Select Constitutions of the world is famous among Law students. This covers this topic comprehensively. One should be careful to not to study this topic in depth.

In case you can afford to essay on volleyball, buy costly book – D.D. Basu’s Classic on essays respect, the Indian Constitution – Shorter Constitution Of India not only covers all above topics, it also covers the present topic. Few links that might help: Try to know some basics about the New Constitutions/reforms being framed/brought out in Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Pakistan. (Again, emphasis should be on relating all these topics to college essay, the current events) Parliament and State Legislatures – structure, functioning, conduct of business, powers privileges and issues arising out of these.

To cover this topic, one stop source is policy Subhash Kashyp’s Our Parliament. Essay? (Why this book? Because it is written by someone who worked inside the Parliament for most of his career, and this book gives a detailed idea about the functioning of methods thinking in the our Parliament – as the above topic suggests, you should be familiar with all aspects of our Parliament. This books is cheap, and is highly readable with lot of insights) Again, Laxmikant is enough for this topic. Regarding pressure groups/ informal associations – recent activism shown by Civil society, conflict with the government and other such topics should be studied in essay, depth. This topic has generated more heat in tyndale essay guide, the past and present – eg, office of college on volleyball profit bill, anti-defection bill, electoral reforms bill etc. This topic should be. Recent supreme court ruling disqualifying MPs and MLAs with criminal background, and current topics like this should be studied carefully. Appointment to various Constitutional posts, powers, functions and responsibilities of various Constitutional Bodies. . Statutory, regulatory and various quasi-judicial bodies.

Read Laxmikant for this part. Is Literature For You? Part VII,VIII and IX of this book completely covers these topics. This part of the syllabus has given rise to some contentious issues such as political interference in the appointment to various constitutional posts and statutory bodies. Eg EC, CBI, CVC, CAG, SC, Governors, Lokayukta, Lokpal (if it comes into existence) etc. So, read this topic keeping in mind these above issues.

As I said before, you need to read all the above topics with an college essay, analytical perspective. To provide you with this, there is a wonderful book published by Oxford University Press and authored by of critical thinking in the accounting profession Pratap Bhanu Mehta, named – “ Public Institutions in India – Performance and Design “, will be immensely useful. As its back cover says, “ This volume analytically assesses the design, performance, and adaptability of the principal institutions of governance in India and their critical role in a democratic polity .” That is what you need for this paper. Government policies and interventions for development in college, various sectors and issues arising out of their design and university essay writing, implementation . Also, refer Economic Survey for government policies and on volleyball, PIB site regularly. Development processes and critical lens statement, the development industry- the role of NGOs, SHGs, various groups and associations, donors, charities, institutional and other stakeholders. [Please note the phrase “ Development Industry ” – it refers to aid industry developed around NGOs, UN bodies, Charities etc and their role in the development process.] Planning commission has various articles on these topics. Welfare schemes for college on volleyball vulnerable sections of the population by the Centre and States and lens essay thesis statement, the performance of college essay on volleyball these schemes; mechanisms, laws, institutions and Bodies constituted for the protection and betterment of these vulnerable sections. Note the foreign, word “STATE” – schemes by the states are also important. Focus on the schemes being implemented by the Ministry of Women and Child welfare, Ministry of Social Justice, Ministry of Rural Development and Ministry of Tribal affairs. List of All state and central scheme – Govt. of essay on volleyball India Website (here you can filter queries by the ministry- it is not easy though, govt site you know..)

One more option is critical lens statement visit this link on my site to college, go to the site of any Ministry and find schemes there. Issues relating to development and management of Social Sector/Services relating to Health, Education, Human Resources. . Issues relating to poverty and hunger. We read lot about this these days: Food security bill, PDS reform, Poverty reduction schemes, Poverty-line controversy, Malnutrition figures, report on malnutrition(remember HungMa report?) etc. Important aspects of governance, transparency and accountability, e-governance- applications, models, successes, limitations, and potential; citizens charters, transparency accountability and institutional and foreign dbq essay, other measures.

Role of essay on volleyball civil services in a democracy. Again, 2nd ARC report (10th report) – Refurbishing of expectationgap thesis Personnel Administration has whole chapter (ch-4) on this topic. India and its neighborhood- relations. Two sources for this topic: Bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests.

For India’s relations with the other countries, click here. College Essay? (read only foreign important counries – USA, UK, EU, SA, Brazil, Japan, Russia, Australia etc) Ministry of External Affairs has briefs on all bilateral relations of India with regional and college essay, global groupings: Effect of policies and politics of foreign dbq essay developed and developing countries on India’s interests, Indian diaspora. This is a dynamic part – effects of globalization, WTO policies, domestic policies of developed countries and their effect on other countries (lot of examples from college USA, UK can be given – visa row, war on essays respect, terrorism, immigration policies, economic policies etc) Indian diaspora – their contribution to India, India’s contribution to them, Their contribution to the world etc.

Their problems in the residing countries, their rights in India – constitutional/statutory provisions if any, their participation in track two diplomacy, their role in college essay on volleyball, Indian economy etc etc. Newspaper is the best source I guess. Writing Guide? For more info, visit the on volleyball, official site. Important International institutions, agencies and critical statement, fora- their structure, mandate. UNO and its various bodies, agencies must be studied with respect to their structure, role, relevance and reforms. UN reforms is the hot topic. International Organizations (no UN bodies) such as APEC, ADB, ASEAN, OECD, NATO should be studied. For links to all these organizations: click here. Finally, for essay some articles from Yojana magazines (2013) that are related to many topics from this Paper, click here.

Five Indispensable Books For paper-III. TWO RECOMMENDED BOOKS (Only If You Have More Time At Your Disposal) – Both By Granville Austin – Classics On Indian Polity. Until now we saw what books to essays respect, read. Now the question is how to on volleyball, remember most of the things we read and how to translate them into better answers. A common mistake most of the essays respect, aspirants commit is reading so many books for college a single topic.This mistake costs both your time and thesis statement, ability to remember things clearly and concisely. Essay? Stick to essays respect, a single source and read it again and again. Remember The Same Source. College On Volleyball? Avoid the temptation of doing ‘Research’ on a topic. Always Remember – UPSC tests Basic Understanding. College Writing? Not mastery over a topic. Make short notes on college on volleyball, each topic.

It is while making notes that readers tend to do RESEARCH and university college essay writing guide, scout various sources. Stick to one book even if you are not 100% satisfied with it. Remember that old saying? – Jack of on volleyball all trades, master of profession NONE. If you try to do Research, most probably your name won’t appear in the Final List. I guarantee it. For Paper-II (i.e GS-1) being thorough with Current Events plays a crucial role in enabling you to acquire analytical skills.

Very Important Part In The Preparation. Writing. Writing. Writing. But what? – One must practice answer writing to Previous year questions, or take a Mock Test. Whatever, before you enter examination hall, you must have spent lot of time on answer writing. Most Important Part In The Preparation. Revision. Revision.

Re-Revision. College Essay? You do this and you appear for the Personality Test. If you don’t Revise what you read all these months – you slightly miss the Personality Test, or You narrowly miss appearing in the Final List. Well, to sum up. To get the interview call all you need to do is: Read, Re-read the for you, same source, Write and essay on volleyball, Revise. Preparation for this paper can be finished in 20 days provided you are focused and determined. Of course. Eat well, Sleep well and Keep a good health. If you get a running nose on lens thesis statement, the day of the exam, 2 hours out of 3 hours goes in draining it and drying it.

thoroughly researched and analysed…provided me with a framework to plan my prep for GS 3..thanx a ton for college essay on volleyball ur commendable effort sir.. sir…will u plz help me by sujjesting refernce books for is literature for you gs4 and gs5..i will b highly thank ful for u… In 3-4 days i will put the list and college essay on volleyball, strategy. “Thank you” would be an critical lens essay statement, underrated word for your insight. Would you also tell which chapters are to be read from the various books that you had mentioned. Essay? You had already mentioned some and i have no idea how to deal with the methods of critical in the, rest. This site is very useful for all the aspirants I must say and hope the same strategy continues till the end..thank you very much for your guidance.

Thanks Vishal. On Volleyball? We will continue it as long as there is support and cooperation. Thanks Vishal. We will continue it as long as there is support and cooperation. First of all I am thankful for initiating this site. I can say this is the base for every IAS aspirant. University College? I am facing few difficulties during my preparation. Well, I am attempting for 2014. As I am left with 7 months for by day a sense of fear is increasing whether i can complete the portion or not.

Is it possible to complete the portion 7 months duration with revision? For which reading is it better to college, make notes i mean like 1st reading or so?And I am finding difficulty in managing the time. I am attempting secure 2014 questions but spending lot of what is literature for you time on it and at the same time I am unable to complete the standard books. How can I improve my writing? hello sir,i am ittle bit confused sir which oooks i shoud used for gs 1,gs 2,gs 3,gs 4.sir plz tell me atleast one book for on volleyball each gs paper because sir if i study that much of books i will become confused sir plz tell me the books where i got all the data of gs papers plz reply soon sir i will be thank fu to methods of critical in the profession, u. what about Granville Austins books,can u give a sort of review about essay on volleyball, his books. You can read his commentaries on foreign policy, our constitution, you can also go through constituent assembly debates, but I feel one should stick to few sources.

On your recommendation, I will give links to his books and their reviews – one can read them after Mains though. I have not read them to write a review, when I do, I would love to. i have Laxmikanth 3rd edition……so it is essay necessary to buy 4th one. 3ed edition is enough. You don’t have to buy new edition. Get photo copy of extra material that appears in the new edition. More than 95% will remain the guide, same #128578; sir can you give book for hindi medium student for ias.

I am sorry Nitin. On Volleyball? I don’t have/know access to Hindi sources. Nitin, i dont have much knowledge but some of the famus books are also available in hindi language for example books of dd basu , laxmikanth , bipin chandra ,are available in hindi . So search online or go to Mukharjee nagar market. hi sir am a bignrr n i startd with ncert bks fr ppr 3… tht neceesary to read all above books…i want to stick to one matrl tht is laxmicanth 4th edtn…is tht bk covers all the what is literature, tpcs tht u hv mentioned?? R shall i go fr othr bk whch cvrs all tpcs?? Pls suggest me sr regard ths pls. I think you should read D D Basu also. Though laxmikant covers all the topics, you should be in a position to answer tough questions too. Some topics like first 5 chapters in D D Basu must be read from that book only.

You should stick to one book for certain topics. One book can not cover all topics well. Oh k …these two bks r enough no r else can i go fr othrs too in order to answer all tough questns. cn u tell me the cst of DD basu can i buy it in one more book is college needed for polity for getting critical analysis: Could u pls tell me which chapters vl cover the topics of 3 ,4 ,5 ,6,”7, th..of GS-2ppr..for laxmiknth 4th edition book…pls tell me in detail..sir with chapters no…

Read Part-II, IV and VII completely. For 4th topic you should go for D D Basu or S Chand book for which i have given link. Thq fr u r infrmatn regarding this. Is that necessaryto cover all 11 parts of laxmikanths polity .. r shall i go for methods of critical thinking in the accounting selected chapters. n please tell me the parts which covers 10 ,11,12,13,14th n 15th topic in essay on volleyball, laxmikant. Functions and responsibilities of the Union and the States. how can i cover the above topic ?can u mention specific chapters of any books? commendable work sir. Kindly provide guidelines for tyndale college rest of GS papers.

Sir,what about Subhash Kashyap- our political system – can it be done instead of our parliament ? It seems to cover others topics as well.. Our political system is also a good book. I mentioned ‘Our Parliament’ only for those topics. Study either of them – stress should be on essay on volleyball, understanding the concepts, not going very deep into them. You didn’t answer yesterday’s questions! #128578; Thank you sir.

I have a doubt regarding questions – I can write some meaningful answers only if I read or have a prior knowledge about it – Sir can I attempt them after a nice satisfying study on the topic that day or can I attempt with only half knowledge on each topic? I prefer the policy, previous one but don’t know if others are directly attempting questions sir :-/ I understand your dilemma. You can read questions related stuff for 1-2 hours, jot down quick points, form your own opinion and write answers in one go (you can dedicate one hour for essay this). Critical Statement? So, 3 hours for two topics from the syllabus (I will frame questions solely from the syllabus) is not a bad idea. By doing this, from rough calculation, you will be covering around 700 topics by December! I don’t think whole syllabus has these many topics #128578; I don’t think all are attempting directly here.

It doesn’t matter though. What matters is whether you have covered the college essay on volleyball, topic or not in your preparation. If you are familiar with a topic, you can attempt the question in exam confidently. Yes sir, your questions were excellent. It’s a topic in itself – like UNSC reforms which requires some study, I lost confidence when I saw others Answers but as you said I should finish the topic and tyndale, attempt. College On Volleyball? It definitely helps. Thanks a lot for your effort #128578; Sir Please Guide How to tyndale college guide, read and Utilize ARC’s Effectively…what to college on volleyball, read from critical essay thesis it and what not to… sir,now i have a clear concept about gs i and gs ii. please provide strategy for gs iii and gs iv… Ya sure. I will.

Did you finish both papers? Cleared prelims? #128578; kindly update such type of syllabus analysis for essay g.s paper 3 and 4 thanks. GS-4 will be out soon. Awesome work bro… Thanks a lot… #128578; Thankyou sir for the marvellous work. Critical Essay Thesis? Besides sources, guiding is also very important part of this examination.

Sir, kindly suggest sources for on volleyball gs3 (paper 4). hello sir ..i want to confirm one thng ..after reading ur whole strategy i came to capability expectationgap thesis, conclusion dat dis gs part will be covered fully by essay on volleyball “dd basu ,laxmikanth ,ARC reports,current affairs” . is it the right conclusion sir ? i cant buy too many books dats y ..plz do reply. One more book I mentioned above by Pratap Bhanu Mehta and some scholarly articles on these topics (I will update if I find some) + NCERT texts. These are enough to get a hold on the syllabus. Anyway, it also depends upon essays respect, how questions will be asked this year. Based on that I will update this post. thanx.. a lot..i m followin. hats off to u..with blessing of so many aspirants ur seat in heaven is booked.. Thank you #128578; But I am not in hurry #128521; sir,thanks for ur great work. u r a “light in dark” 4 those who are in remote areas can”t keep touch with delhi “market” .though my many doubts had cleared aftr touching ur web.but i hav some different questions-

1) i was on bed since june due to a surgery so could not touched a page of essay book in critical lens thesis statement, i cleared prelims n also feeling a bit of better hd started GS1 history+ my optiona now. but whenevr i saw “new” syllabus,a question comes in college on volleyball, mind can i do all this in remaining 3 months while many are preparing since june/july?? are these remaing days are-more or sufficient or very less?? n whatever condition is, what strategy should i follow 4 preparation because i don’t want to give up or waste time at any cost. ur comments will b highly valuable for university college writing guide me. waiting for ur reply.thank you. Thanks for the compliment. #128578; I hope you are in good health now. Health is very important in this exam – keep it in good shape. There is still 100 days to go for Mains.

So you have around 20 days for each paper. You can still prepare well for the mains. Start reading without thinking about how much time you are left with. Stick to very few books for each paper. Read them thoroughly.

Never think about others – they might have read more than you, but what matters is how good they can perform in the crucial 3 hours in essay, the exam hall. You focus on this. Critical Lens? Practice writing every day. Start answering 6-10 questions. Instead of reading books from end to end, take up questions, divide them topic-wise and start solving them. When you don’t know the answer, refer a book and answer it. It stays in your mind even after exam. Read few things completely.

I assure you, 100 days is college essay still a lot of time. Plan well and execute it. If you badly want IAS, then go for it no matter how less time you have. But not at the cost of health. Essays Respect? Maintain it well. #128578; You have a good name. First time I have ever come across this name. Essay? #128578; same feeling here as i also 1’st time come across a web which is so personel so motivating so quick in expectationgap, response, thank u for college essay this valuable suggestion,i m more charged now.

as u said these r “100 days” n i hv to utilise/manage it i will do from now. Thank you #128578; Yes, you can finish whole thing in 100 days. I have no doubts. Sir for methods of critical thinking in the accounting profession topic 3 u have recommended for the arc report chapter 7….but sir its too extensive….is there any other way out. I will find out and on volleyball, let you know. Good source of links. Essay? will try to follow.

hello sir,hw r u? i had a doubt- for world history should i go for essay ncert old 9 10 class is it sufficient??or directly go f0r norman lowe?? as keeping in mind dat i had less time so i want selective reading more revision. plz suggest. If you have old NCERT’s they r enough now. They cover most of it. Thanks. College Essay Writing Guide? I am good.

Hope u r too. thank u for reply, yeah i got old ncert’s n m doing. i hv one suggestion (which is also our requirement too) that in some remote places where “the hindu” hard copy r not available so we r fully depend on websites. if u can seperate those news editorials according to syllabus topics sub-topics. you already had done this at many places in GS mains strategy. example- editorial “Debate and pass the Food Bil” lt can be used in GS paper 2 3 under topics………” then it wl b useful for college many to make their notes on each topic will make everyone’s burden less. That is a good suggestion. I will give it some thought and see how I can work on expectationgap thesis, it. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GIVING IT A LOOK,CERTAINLY IT WILL HELP MANY ASPIRANTS LIKE ME. WHATEVER U R DOING FOR UPSC ASPIRANTS US IT CAN’T BE DISCRIBED IN WORDS,JUST I WISH “GOD GIVE U HAPPINESS ALWAYS”. thanks for all the essay on volleyball, help. What? The detailed breakdown with source of preparation is really very helpful.

Can you please put out a similar article on college on volleyball, GS Paper IV. Thanks. But for paper on Ethics, I am not finding proper sources. sir it is necessary to read laximikanth after reading basu because laxmikanth is copy of basu…thanku. Actually one should read D D Basu after reading Laxmikanth. But if you have read Basu and understood all of it, and comfortable with it, no need to go for other books. But for prelims, you may have to refer Laxmikanth as it is updated with many new things. Sir, can uplz tell me the link to download previous years question papers for essay guide g.s. mains? Can you please attatch the questions (daily answer writing practice) to the relevant papers..some of them are good questions and it is easier to view all resources on on volleyball, one page. It is a very good suggestion.

I will do this (it takes some time though). Thanks. First I would like to thank a lot for your wonderful Sincere effort.Your Suggested Strategy is very helpful.I am preparing for cse 2014.If you can please clarify my few doubts.1)I have finished Laxmikant in it still required to read “our parliament by subhash kashyap”?coz lamikant has almost covered every chapter given in kashyap!! 2)in eco i am done with ncert as suugested by u read once eco booklet provided by vajiram am confused whether to read Ramesh singh o not or whether i shld focus to consolidate the dyanamic part of eco as suggested by u?? 1) If you are comfortable with Laxmikant and have understood all the areas, then don’t read Kashyap’s book. I suggested it as it it is exclusively for methods of critical thinking in the accounting Parliament and is written by a person who worked there most of his career. 2) I think you should read Ramesh SIngh as you have so much time with you. It is a good book and not a bulk one too. 3) After reading above books, focus more on college essay on volleyball, dynamic part also and capability expectationgap thesis, consolidate all important areas. Make notes if possible.

4) Economic Survey is usefu, it depends on the persons in charge of writing it though (Last year kaushik Basu had a different approach, and this year Raghuram Rajan was the boss) . Buy the latest one next year. Thanks 4 a quick reply!! Sir your sincere reply has motivated me to ask Few more queries!! 1)i have a book “Governance in essay, India by Laxmikant. can it supplant the book “public institutions in india by Pratap bhanu”coz i had made my mind to methods thinking profession, read it but aft reading your strategy for GS -2 . am confused?pls suggest!! 2)As suggested by college essay on volleyball u am going to read first 5 chap. of DD basu. sir is it not sufficient for the topic “comparision of indian constitutional scheme with other countries” if I consolidate my current affair regarding it? or the critical lens essay statement, s.chand book suggested by u is Expedient?

3)2nd ARC Report 7th 11th are too vast??sir if u can pls suggest necessary chap.s of college essay on volleyball these(its bulkyness is vry scary :)) Sir 1 more ques. i forgot to much eco survey is helpful for gs-3? shld i read 2012-13 or wait for 2013-14?shld read it b4 cse pre or aft that? I was going through the bilateral relations of thinking accounting India on MEA website and I frequently came across the term “tariff lines”. While there is on volleyball no easily understandable definition of it on the internet, I found the what, following definition on one of the links: “The tariff line is the product code used at the national level, beyond the 6 digits of the Harmonized System. It is on volleyball different from one country to lens thesis, another.” And from the above definition I cant understand the meaning of tariff lines in college, one of the sentences on India-Brazil bilateral relations which is “New tariff lines have been proposed under the India-Mercosur PTA.”

Could you please explain the meaning in layman terms? Tariff Line is basically a Product (such as Tea, Rice, Wool etc) assigned with a well defined Code for the purpose of assigning it a Tariff value. Tariff Lines are listed under Tariff Schedule. Every country maintains this schedule. Basically, as you know, tariff is methods of critical in the profession usually an import duty on products to be traded. When you want to enhance trade with a country, you increase Tariff lines with that country i.e, opening your economy for more imports. Sometimes, you do so with Tariff Preference or Tariff Concession i.e, lowering tariffs to essay on volleyball, near Zero level to essays respect, help boost partner country’s exports. Which India has done in college essay on volleyball, the case of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. In the case of essay thesis India -Pakistan trade relations we come across ‘Sensitive List’. College On Volleyball? In this case we read that Pakistan has been urged to reduce ‘Tariff Lines’ in what for you, the Sensitive List.

Example, “Each Member State retains a ‘Sensitive Lists” which is not offered for college essay on volleyball confessional treatment. Presently, Pakistan has placed 1169 tariff lines in foreign policy, its Sensitive List…… Reduction of 233 tariff lines which is an obligation for Pakistan under SAFTA will reduce Pakistan’s Sensitive List from essay 1169 to 936 tariff lines.” Each Tariff Line is assigned a code based on dbq essay, a criteria which we don’t require to know. If you want to college on volleyball, know this, visit here: (you have to scroll down there to see a table explaining how codes are assigned). Hope this helped. 1)i have a book “Governance in India by Laxmikant. can it supplant the book “public institutions in india by foreign policy dbq essay Pratap bhanu”coz i had made my mind to on volleyball, read it but aft reading your strategy for foreign GS -2 . College On Volleyball? am confused?pls suggest!! 2)As suggested by u am going to read first 5 chap. of DD basu. sir is policy it not sufficient for the topic “comparision of indian constitutional scheme with other countries” if I consolidate my current affair regarding it? or the s.chand book suggested by u is essay on volleyball Expedient?

3)2nd ARC Report 7th 11th are too vast??sir if u can pls suggest necessary chap.s of these(its bulkyness is college guide vry scary #128578; ) 1) The difference between ‘Governance in India’ and ‘Public Institutions…” is college essay that the latter is thesis written by an international acclaimed thinker and college essay, it will help you in thesis, getting a critical perspective on many issues. College Essay? Both are good, but Laxmikant is more of foreign policy dbq essay facts than analysis. In Mains, you need analytic skills. 2) For comparison part you can get Vajiram notes I think in case you can’t buy the book I have suggested (S Chand publication) D D Basu is not sufficient for this topic. I will try to get previous year questions on this topic from somewhere and update again this article. 3) I will go through ARC and college essay, suggest you chapters. Writing? #128578; Sir,Thanks for your valuable Reply !! pls reply arc report chapter. Ya Insights i have understood it now.

Thank you #128578; Alright i am finding this awesome webpage only today , on a rainy thunderous night at 12.30 a.m , facing mains some 80 days from now …. and college essay, i hope it’s better late than never . commendable work…..u r really making true use of IT to college writing, empower student from far flunge areas….. Just no words to express my gratitude. I have also started the preparation. When I saw the essay on volleyball, syllabus, I started looking for guidance. I came across this site and tyndale college, finally got what I wanted. Thank you sir, it has really made our work very easy. I am following The Hindi Newspaper Daily along with PIB and other sites. Do I need to college essay on volleyball, go through the monthly magzines like CST, Chronical.

In case required then please suggest me which one will be better. If you are regular with The Hindu, PIB, and any one business newspaper, you don’t need magazines. But buy and tyndale university guide, read Frontline. It helps in Essay. Richa plz you should must improve spelling mistake you wrote i am reading the hindi newspaper whenever correct is the hindu.

You also study WORLD FOCUS for understanding foreign relations. Sir,your blog is very informative…your approach regarding new GS pattern is commendable….one suggestion is needed…how to college on volleyball, go about reading the book ‘public institutions in is literature for you, india”…do i need to college essay on volleyball, go with whole book or selected chapters…. Essays Respect? thanks. preparation for college essay mains is is literature for you going well under ur i m worried for many current affairs which will come in each paper bcoz i m not in proper touch due to hectic schedule. current affairs of how many previous months will b required before dec 1 mains? and from where i should read those current affairs? plz suggest any source or magazine etc. waiting 4 u quick reply as always. thank you. For Mains, you shoulf focus on current events from last September-October to essay on volleyball, this November. If you have not followed current events till now, Wizard / Vajiram release a compendium next month. You have to study them selectively keeping in mind the topics of the syllabus.

Don’t worry too much about current events for new pattern. As syllabus is detailed, covering all those topics is sufficient. Few topics like food security, PDS, security issues, developments in ST, require current orientation, focus on such topics in what for you, current events. By when will u upload the model test paper of college essay gs-2 ? sir please throw some light on as to how to the ARC reports. it seems gigantic and bewildering. thankyou. THANX INSIGHTS YOUR COLLECTION OF MATERIALS ON EACH TOPIC IS REALLY RARE.

I HAVE NO MORE WORDS TO DESCRIBE HOW SINCERE JOB YOU DO FOR US AGAIN THANX. I am a working professional and all of a sudden I had this thought of writing UPSC in 2014. Though initially this was a very strong urge..after checking the thesis, syllabus and the level of college exam, I had given away the hopes of even attempting it (considering that I was away from studies for 4 years)… This blog has given me a level of confidence to get prepared and start off with it. Also, It would be great if I can get a similar kind of strategy to what is literature, prepare for optional subjects. I have zeroed in on Mathematics (need to start from square 1 though #128577; … ) While just browsing the article regarding the poverty and hunger for GS paper2. I think this link might work for poverty and college essay on volleyball, hunger. Please upload the mock test paper for gs 2 soon.

Sir, can you please mention topic 11 ke liye planning comission ke kaunse articles karein? Or if soneone else is aware about same, please guide. sir in foreign policy dbq essay, in freedom srtuggle by bipin chandra which chapters are more important for study. sir now syllabus of essay gs is very vast how can we memorize it till the entry in the examination hall. Thank you sir, the critical thesis, information you have uploaded is very relavent and crisp, it is very helpful. You are welcome Sanjay. thanks for such a good information about the material and books. Which is college best for this paper ? 1. Public Institutions in India: Performance and Design. 2.Oxford Companion to Indian politics by N Gopal.

First one is better. Second one has separate small articles and most are not relevant. First one has deep analysis and helps in Mains, There is essay statement some problem in the topic numbering. Total no of college topics should be 20. Topic 12 13 are actually Topics 13 and 14. Although you have covered all 20 topics number 17 is dbq essay missing. As much as I hate correcting already perfect page I still want it to be more perfect. Thank you very much for what you are doing.

@Insights Simply brilliant compilation for college essay prep! You are doing a great job.Thanks for that.I wanted to ask that we have to read the complete Arc reports or only the recommendations and conclusions. Thanks. Read only recommendations and lens essay thesis, conclusions. for topic 1 you suggested D.D. Basu’s “Introduction To The Constitution Of India” First 5 chapters….. Laxmikanth is not covering this part? I have read laxmikanth completely and is it required to college, buy DD basu for few topics?

Man…. hats off to him who has compiled the information…. This can be a boon article for the working professionals like me … who have time but not that enough to visit the delhi’ business coaching classes… I have been following one of the forum maintained by a senior player from long time. But it was lacking a zeal … which i have sensed in your artcles. Please keep analysing and showing us the right path.. 1.Is Public Institutions in India to be read cover to cover ? 3. Regarding Paper-4, i.e., GS- III, I always see its syllabus and get confused. I am not able to consolidate whether I know them or not. When I think which portion I dont know or havent read, I dont find any topic left. I feel that all of them are umbrella topics.

I want a firm grip on critical, all of them. On Volleyball? What should be done ? 1.Is Public Institutions in India to be read cover to cover ? 3. Regarding Paper-4, i.e., GS- III, I always see its syllabus and get confused. I am not able to consolidate whether I know them or not. Methods Of Critical? When I think which portion I dont know or havent read, I dont find any topic left. College On Volleyball? I feel that all of them are umbrella topics. I want a firm grip on all of thinking in the accounting them. What should be done ? Vicky, You can buy his books. They are sharp and deep in their analysis. College Essay? As you are preparing for methods thinking accounting 2014, you can read it.

It definitely helps. Regarding GS-4 or any other paper, we will be starting a topic wise initiative in December. It would help you all, hopefully. This message was not delivering either here or at doubts corner. That’s why I had to college on volleyball, re-write it. Please ignore the duplicate comments.

Good Afternoon Sir. 1. Sir Public Institutions by Bhanu Pratap is to tyndale, be read cover to cover ? And there is another book by college on volleyball him, The Burden of Democracy. Essay Thesis? Do u recommend to read that too ? 2. Sir regarding third paper, i.e. Paper 4, I am confused. I am not able to college, get a firm grip over the things. When I see the syllabus, nothing seems to be left. But then a vague and unconsolidated feeling arises about my knowledge of that paper. Essays Respect? How should I get complete grip over all the things- economics, security, science-tech, etc ? So that I can be carefree for any topic which may come in the exam.

it is a critical analyse of syllabus which I’m seeking . But is college on volleyball it possible to buy huge books by tyndale lot of students (include me). Most of cracker express they were read from few books! If you read the college on volleyball, article, you will notice that only 5 books are mentioned and few chapters from each book is recommended. If this is burden, you can go for coaching material #128578; Five books = Few books, in our opinion #128578; Tilll now in my knotledge it is best platfrom for query. 6.ncert indian society. 7. Human geography.

9ncert 12 economy. 12 books. 7 books more sir. Atlast special thanks to you. Don’t angry to me! If you consider buying and foreign dbq essay, reading NCERT as burden, it is very sad.

And your reply of this kind to our last comment is sad too. Anyway, above strategy is not compulsory for everyone. Choose the best way that suits you. #128578; Thanks insight. College On Volleyball? If I get selected, you are the reason other than me #128578; Sir I’m extremely sorry for my comment!

Actually myself is capability expectationgap upset to thinking it that what read and college essay, why! But this site is very scientific and I shall follo You. for topic 1 you suggested D.D. Basu’s “Introduction To The Constitution Of India” First 5 chapters….. Tyndale College Essay Guide? Laxmikanth is not covering this part? Is it required to buy DD basu if one have completed laxmikanth?

I have already explained that for analytical approach, D D Basu is on volleyball must. Anyway, you can wait till this Mains and see for yourself nature of questions and then decide. D D Basu is just Rs 180+ I guess. And reading few extra chapters won’t harm you. For the topic “Important International institutions, agencies and methods thinking accounting profession, fora- their structure, mandate” – how many marks question could be asked in the exam? How they will frame a question over these topics? 20th edition of DD Basu is not available in the market. What is college essay difference between 20th and 21st edition ? Is there more changes?

There won’t be much difference except for essays respect updation of amendments.You can study 20th edition – it’s as good as new one. hats off for excellency in directing the college, most difficult task of preparation in civils examination…. thanking u sir…. do you think that by giving a detailed syllabus for general studies (mains) upsc has reduced the importance of current affairs to a large extent (at the mains stage) No, actually the college guide, importance has increased. You have to college essay on volleyball, read current events in relation to the topics of Mains syllabus. Earlier importance was given to capability, facts, not it is on analysis. So newspapers help you in college, this. Competitive magazine which cover facts won’t help on the other hand. @insight Which competitive magazines do you suggest to follow. In topic 2, why we should read Laxmikant’s Chapter-30(High Court)? In topic 1, From where we can read “amendments significant provisions of the in the profession, constitution”?

I request you to revert on the above query as we are quite dependent on your suggestion. Oh ok! I have given from 3ed edition. It’s Panchayat Raj (Chapter 30) And for amendments to have glimpse, you can read those given at the end of the India Year Book (Publication Division) or D D Basu. I have followed indian public administration by rajni Goyal (along-with you booklist) and It is a good book to be followed selectively along-with your prescription . why don’t you see yourself and if it’s that good include it in college on volleyball, the routine. it’ll surely help aspirants. thanks for such a great effort, you people have ruined the essays respect, monopoly of coaching centres. Thanks Akhilesh. We would include it.

As you have gone through it, please let us know which topics are most helpful from the book. Essay? We will update the article. I need guidance… May we know for what?? sir first of critical essay thesis all thank u so much for such a wonderful help. i want to ask is this imp to on volleyball, read “Challenge And Strategy : Rethinking India’s Foreign Policy – Rajiv Sikri” ? is conventional part being asked in mains for international relation or do we have to focus only on capability, contemporary part. or do we read ignou book for international part instead of that? Thanks Nisha. Yes you need to read this book. On Volleyball? Or any other good book on dbq essay, foreign policy. These books written by college diplomats use a certain language specific to diplomacy and essays respect, international relations.

It helps you grasp fundamentals better and college essay, then enrich your knowledge which would later reflect in your answers. It is dbq essay a good book. College Essay On Volleyball? Go for it. You won’t regret reading it. Contemporary part is most important and to understand it you need to know some basics. Expectationgap Thesis? This book by Sikri would help you in this. Thanks for clearing doubt. ) Really thanks for your selfless efforts. It will do a lot of good to IAS aspirants.

For parliament and state legislature isn’t Lakshmikant or D.D.Basu enough.Do we have to read it in on volleyball, detail from ‘Our Parliament’ sir thanks for foreign policy dbq essay your clear dissection of the syall…sir im having discomfort regarding topics for which u have mentioned links like ARC,IGNOU which is very GS2 topic2 for on volleyball devolution of finances you have mentioned a link which is very topic3 ARC 7TH GS3 topic 4link given are all vast.sir pls concise all vast sources it wil be kind of you.IT WILL BE VERY HELPFULL. excellent website for aspirants. Helps provide a framework for developing a strategy. I am addicted to this website. sir, for topic 2: i didnt find the 13 th arc useful …i am done reading the coventional part .. but that wont help by looking towards the pattern .i think the what is literature, 13 th finance commision can be 13 th FC has a lot of facts too..suggest something for topic 2. sir ,thanks for your honorable effort for the aspirants of I.A.S. College Essay? i am a Hindi medium student so please suggest me books for what I.A.S. College? mains gs-i ,gs-2 ,gs-3 ,gs-4 topic wise. and if possible for geography 1st and methods thinking in the accounting, 2nd paper. thank you sir.

Sorry Shubha. Absolutely have no idea about Hindi medium. Hope someone with knowledge about essay on volleyball, this answers your query. sir please suggest books for hindi medium in the same manner as u have done for english medium topic wise for ias mains all the four papers . i have read your suggestive books and topics which are admirable so i am waiting for your response at methods of critical thinking in the, my given email id thank you . sorry sir , but i m waiting for college on volleyball your suggestion. Sir,I have a doubt regarding the what for you, welfare scheme for vulnerable sections topic in GS2..Is it necesaary to know the essay on volleyball, indepth procedures involved in such schemes or the objectives and its implementation performance. Very nyc site…. thnk u insights team! whats about strategy for upsc pre 2014 ?? thanx a lot sir. sir , how can i get information related to schemes and policies with respect to capability expectationgap thesis, employment , poverty , environment , etc. if any one knows about these , please mail those to my mail id; [emailprotected] sir, first of thank u for college on volleyball Ur hard and dbq essay, kind work towards the aspirant . now uspc included the environment , ecology like that . is there any book available in the market or do we need to go to internet for all answers for essay that ? We don’t have funda rights duties and state policies for mains? sir , can i buy the essays respect, newspaper analysis notes from your website ? it will be helpfull if you prepare answers for the questions from newspapers since it will be more reliable and authentic .thank you. I am following your recommendations to prepare for mains buts SIR in college on volleyball, topic 2 of general studies 2 I am not able to make out how to study ARC reports they are too lengthy which part of the report should be read as time is less and syllabus is huge and YOU have suggested to avoid extra reading as it cost both time and ability to remember I am stuck here waiting for ur reply……. It would be very helpful if You can point out the chapter those we need to read from ARC report…Thank You.

This website is fantabulous which provides every single point in detail. I wish those people who are refering notes, debates etc from this website. God bless you Sir… can you tell me what to study in capability thesis, Topic 2 of GS 2 about Devolution of finance. On Volleyball? The doc u have given for devolution of finance is tooo long. :p. sir…truly eyes watering bt unseen….that much grt effort U hv done here for whole Indians to get a IAS/IPS/IFS/else study strategy for whole GS1 2 3*4 papers….may GOD bless U very very very very very very deeeeeeeeeeeeply….. sir…jz one more thing too to say…there is essays respect a mistake in given serial number of topics…total 20 topics naa…k,thank u… will u pz give the PDFs of ARCs 10th n 11th. or where coud i get all ARC PDFs?

which book should be preferred for polity?? DD Basu or Laxmikant? You are nothing short of essay on volleyball a blessing for all us aspirants . I mean, the way you have dived into the details of each and every topic, there is dbq essay only one word for that – ‘AWESOME’. Keep writing. Sir, you are doing great work providing these great information. I am also a UPSC Aspirant and don’t have another source for college on volleyball getting information about exam except internet. I am only get knowledgeable information by visiting various websites like yours. Your website is very very useful for me. thanx sir,you had did a awesome job for the beginner. Three Cheers to Insights for these valuable guidance.

It is a very difficult and critical statement, a humongous task to essay, read and foreign policy dbq essay, study selectively from such vast array of college essay books and articles for for you this exam. Insights have removed that burden and essay, lighten my load by 20%,,…. Now is the time to expectationgap, tackle the remaining 80%. Hello, brilliant and very comprehensive article. .one question regarding topic 1 – what does the phrase “significant provisions” mean? Can anyone give an college, example so that I can prepare an exhaustive list. Thanks. thank you sir for methods thinking profession your great job and for essay on volleyball your representations of topics in very simple manner..pls keep updating… Thanks a lot for ur valuable guidance sir.

Especially for a student like me one who does not know where to start from and where to end and methods thinking in the accounting, totally in college on volleyball, a confused state of mind.But by seeing ur well planned strategy one could feel happy to get their preparation in a safe and happy manner and last but not least your time sparing for foreign policy developing the strategy could immensely help the college essay, people from rural background which you have already did it.Once again thanks a lot sir and essays respect, hope you will continue the same work and help the aspirants.. #128578; It may change the way I am thinking abt upsc thank u for this edible info…. Great Insights on college on volleyball, each and every aspect of the syllabus and the strategies to effectively master the same. Thank you Sir, this article has been of great help for me. A lot of thanks to insights. Your doing fabulous job and giving precious information to us..each and every doubt regarding civils clarifying from essays respect ur sight no one can not do this good work but u did…for beginners your sight is essay on volleyball very very useful.even no inistitute cant giv guidance better than u…

Amazingly added up … hats off. Manoj Rawat—-Sir,i am working in what is literature, Indian Navy and my seniors has not given me permission to pursue any coaching classes by saying that(aisa thodi na hota hai ki paise yaha se logey aur padai waha karogey )..i was dejected….i do not have any to sudy what to study….but when i visited ur site…it is essay like as someone has unexpectedly saved me in the ocean while i was drowning…..this knowledge will be of immense help for essay writing guide me…… I am really very happy to know this. College Essay On Volleyball? No matter how many people discourage you, never stop chasing your dream. Foreign Policy? On this site you will find everything you need – even great friends to support you. College Essay? Start your preparation earnestly. All you need is a good internet connection and what, lots of determination. All the best Manoj. Sir , I am serving in central govt.I also have the essay, same problem what Manoj Rawat is facing.I am posted at thesis, a remote place where I don’t get Hindu paper.that’s why I use to read Hindu paper on Hindu apps.But I am confused as what should I read and what should left.can you tell me what’s the difference between printed Hindu paper and Hindu apps.The other problem is I am reading Bipan Chandra India’s struggle for Independence.should I make not simultaneously with reading the essay, book or after completion of books.Simply I want to know the way of making notes.I am preparing for 2015.plzz guide me Sir..Regards.. i understand ur concerns what any other working aspirants experience this kind of dilemma. regards ur question about hindu tabloid, epaper material compare with hardcopy paper theres no diffenrence only u need to aware whats is imporatant n not that i ll list out as per my knowledge: 1. What? every hindu epaper have editiors column, link list link, that ll always be ur foremost priority to reading , analysing , highlights some important keywords n compare with given mains syllabus that presence in college, article , then to make small anecdote of it or using secure mains column , either in ur system folder or using cloud computing software.

2. will be immediate international page, it may have lots of international issues, institutions, indian diaspora, personalities , all will be given priority . 3. science n tech and first page will be utmost importance regarding reading n making notes of hindu along with any one economic tabloid paper , either business standards or economic times or business line. normally we prefer business standards , because it cover all important topics comes under both gs 2, gs 3, even some ethics paper with much more analytical in presentation format. then come again ur std materials u asked here. its always better to make small hint notes or anecdotes of every chapter, topics, issues while in essays respect, reading times.making mind mapping tehniques is even better , that u can easily downloaded it from google. College Essay? finally most important thing while in preparation is always goes for analytical prepapration n write more n more makes u betterment of ur chances to clear in foreign, very attempt, buddy. register in e news paper of hindu. Plzzz reply Sir..I am waiting. Sir..I am waiting very eagerly.please guide me. Sir, u r work is essay excellent, im the starter and I got confedence after following u r suggestions, Sir please help me regarding answer wrighting,development, checking my answer it is relevant to question or not, my residence is in tribal area so, I can’t find any one to correct my answer, sir I need suggestion from you, pls. Help me out by replying. dear amrutha priyadarshini, great to what is literature, know even u live in college, most remoteness part of foreign policy dbq essay place , ur way of deretmination and college, commitment to methods in the accounting, pursue excellency in ur mission will be the greatest attribute u had to succceed this kind of college essay on volleyball exams. Essays Respect? nothing to worry too much about ur answers auality n content. Essay? just write simultaneously among with ur prelims preparation .here all oru friends will immensely share their contributions with each others. more inportantly always have to made some anecdotes of every topics u may completed so far this will assist u in final preparation of ur mains revision. This is the best site,I ever Search. but it is in english so it takes time to read articles.but it is very useful.

This is the best site,I ever Search . but it is in english and I am a hindi medium student, so it takes time to accounting profession, read articles.but it is very useful.I am a house wife so can’t go for classes or else,so please help me sir by mails of useful contents for me. regards to you sir. Thank you so much sir…. you just made it so simple to understand what to study n what not to… hats off to u.. keep guiding us. Your style is college essay on volleyball vey unique in comparison to essays respect, other folks I’ve read stuff from. Thanks for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I will just book mark this. The article on college essay on volleyball, ‘For devolution of finances to essays respect, local bodies’ do we need to read who pdf or only on volleyball summary part? Sir, I have a small question.

As you have given hyper link to many of the pdfs and essays respect, those pdf have summary and on volleyball, recommendations in the end. So just reading that part would be suffice or do we have to capability expectationgap, read the whole chapter. Does the upper age limit for civils going to reduce to essay, 26 for General candidates. Please somebody answer this… Gr88 work being done sir..I indeed got a proper direction for critical essay my stuck at essay, IR…though nt a beginner wit international relations i always feel like a beginner..i read the answers written by others nd always feel i donno many things..its kind off depressing..can u (or anyone) plzz tell me how to methods of critical thinking in the accounting, get things abt IR at a place or atleast to start off with.. sir my question is how you reached to college on volleyball, these websites and links and how you came about to know that these books are better than other …i mean i want to know the essay, thought process behing and how you were able to get these …like MCRHRD website , anand website, we all want to know this. This Link isnt working. E-governance – Concept and college essay, Significance (IGNOU) Really Thanks a lot.

sir,how to foreign, download IGNOU notes,it is temprory stop and not be me. extra ordinarily insightful . @ Insight : Will you pls add similar post for Geography optional. To download free e-books and essay, civils materials visit …. Q.1.sir from where to essays respect, get 10-year-previous-question-paper of general studies-ii(paper iii)? what was the college on volleyball, name of this paper before changed of essays respect syllabus? or is’t totally new?

Q.2. For topic 1 of GS II, “Indian constitution…basic structure”, WHAT TYPE OF QUESTIONS NEED TO PREPARE? BEST STRATEGY FOR IT? sir u have told tht read from single source,i agreed bt why u refer so many books for different part of syllabus.i thnk urs means is tht consolidate all the matter from different sources into single handy,lucid,easy n quicker to revise notes? Can you please take a look at what you have suggested under Topic 7, Peoples Representation Act? Some part of it is missing. These Preparation guidelines for all GS 1-4 paper were updated in 2013. Will it work in 2015 also? It is Sufficient to essay, follow the same. please update from 2012 to capability expectationgap thesis, 2015 specially IR.

Please update the strategy for 2016. for IAS PREPARATION. PARTICIPATE IN IAS MAINS CHALLENGE QUESTION. Sir in college essay, subash kashyap book…which chapters r to b read or d entire book?? Sir what to read from arc report. Sir this article is critical lens essay 2 years old.. It will be better if we will get a updated info.. As many new books and college on volleyball, reports are taking the what for you, place of on volleyball old ones… Thank you sir we appreciate your efforts..

hi sir…i am preparing to give the exam in 2016. is this useful for 2016 prelims n mains? Please update the tyndale university college, strategies… Thank you in advance insights. Sir, I request you to please update the college essay, strategy if u can with respect to 2016 mains. Sir , Please give link to what for you, Preparation strategy for Essay by Insights of essay on volleyball India ? Is there any changes to be made to the strategy outlined above . Understanding the what is literature, effort you are putting up for the upcoming prelims there is no necessity to update now . Please update once you free up to the current environment of the UPS C examinations. Insightonindia please update all GENERAL STUDIES startegy.

It’s 2 years old.

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13 helpful email templates you can use while job searching. The one thing we are all likely using in the job hunt is email. Yet between cover letters, resumes, interviews, and networking, it#8217;s easy to underestimate how this tool can help us find great opportunities. Below are a few sample emails to college essay, keep handy during your job search. Before jumping in, keep these tips in mind: Good emails are specific, short, and often mention some common ground so the tyndale university college writing guide, reader is compelled to help out. The email is often the college, last step in a larger process of doing research, reflecting on what you want, and planning your overall job search plan. The articles that accompany the examples often give more advice and information on how to reach out and plan more effectively before and after you send the essays respect, email. Essay? Sometimes the subject line can be more challenging to write than the email itself!

While a few of the what, samples below have subject lines included, Business Insider offers tips for subject lines for general emailing and for job applications. These are just examples; tweak according to on volleyball, position, needs, your personality, and university college writing guide your relationship to college, the sender. If you need help figuring out your next steps: Ask your friends for lens thesis statement, insights on your strengths and essay weaknesses. Here#8217;s what to say, from methods thinking accounting profession, pop*forms: I am working on improving myself, personally and at work, and you are someone whose opinion I truly value. Essay On Volleyball? If you are willing, I would be so appreciative if you would answer some or all of the questions below to help me gain some insight into my strengths and capability expectationgap the things I do best. I really appreciate it, and would be happy to do the same for college, you if you’d like! What do you think is tyndale university college essay writing my greatest strength How would you describe my style What do you think I should let go of When do you feel that I am at my best. If you want to essay on volleyball, tell your network that you#8217;re looking for new opportunities: Be clear about what you are looking for and your expertise. Here#8217;s what to say from Jenny Blake: As I dive into the job search across the country , I’d love it if you could keep your eyes open for essays respect, people I could connect with and/or positions that might be a fit for me. College Essay On Volleyball? Below is a bit about my background and what I’m looking for, and essays respect you can view my full resume on LinkedIn . These are a few of my ideal scenarios, but if anything related comes to you please keep me in mind!

If you want to tell specific people that you#8217;re looking for new opportunities: If you have specific people in mind whom you think could be especially helpful in your search, send tailored emails. Here#8217;s what to say from the Daily Muse: I hope all is college essay on volleyball well! I saw the photos of the conference you held last month on lens thesis, Facebook—it looked like a fantastic event. I’m reaching out essay because I’m currently seeking a new position. As you know, I have been Smith PR for almost three years, but I’m ready for a new challenge in the tech PR world. I know that you used to essays respect, do work for Ogilvy, which is on my short list of dream companies. Do you still have any contacts there, and if so, is there someone that might be willing to college essay, do an informational interview with me?

Any introductions you could make would be greatly appreciated. Read the rest of the email and the advice on the Daily Muse. They also have a great example of a thank you email to send to people who have offered you advice or information about opportunities. If you#8217;re about to submit a job application: Always follow directions and submit your application accordingly. If you are sending all of your materials as an attachment, mention what#8217;s included, position you are applying for, and contact information. Here#8217;s an example from the lens thesis, University of Minnesota: I am a first year law student at the University of Minnesota Law School applying for a summer clerkship with your firm.

I have attached the resume, cover letter and essay transcript that you requested to this email. If you have questions or need more information, you may reach me through the phone number or email below. I look forward to hearing from you, If you want to inquire about the status of for you, your application: Wait about on volleyball, two weeks before sending a follow up email and foreign policy demonstrate your interest, not asking for a response, says hiring expert Alison Green. Here#8217;s what she recommends you say: I recently applied for college, your __ position, and I just wanted to what is literature, reiterate my strong interest. I think it might be a great match, and I#8217;d love to talk with you about it when you#8217;re ready to college, begin scheduling interviews.

If you want to say #8220;Thank You#8221; after a job interview: The key here is to thinking in the, reference something that came up specifically in the interview. Here#8217;s an college, example from Berkeley Law School: Thank you for expectationgap, taking the time to meet with me this past Tuesday. After speaking with you and learning more about the structure of Blank, Blank#8217;s summer program, I am even more enthusiastic about the possibility of working at college essay Blank, Blank next summer. I particularly enjoyed hearing about essays respect, your work in representing several Latin American companies in trade-related matters. Read the rest of the college essay on volleyball, email and advice from Berkeley Law School. Also, Career Services at critical thesis statement West Virginia University provides examples of what to say if you want to add more information (say, a sample of your work) or address a question that came up in the interview. If you want to follow up after a job interview: If you haven#8217;t heard from an employer and the interviewer has given you a timeline, Alison Green recommends this email: Hi Jane, you’d mentioned that you were hoping to be ready to move forward on the Communications Manager position by the end of the month, so I wanted to check in with you. I’m very interested in college essay on volleyball, the role, even more so after our last conversation, and would love to know what your timeline looks like moving forward.

LinkedIn is of critical thinking accounting profession a great place to discover new connections that can help you advance your career. Forbes outlines helpful tips on searching for mutual contacts and crafting a compelling request for essay on volleyball, an introduction. We met briefly at essays respect the Delta Leadership conference last fall, during the round-table discussion. Essay? To refresh your memory, I am changing careers, from being an accountant to being a fashion merchandiser. You were kind enough to give me advice on companies that might appreciate my background. Tyndale University College Essay Writing? Since we last spoke, I’ve decided it would be helpful to get online clothing company experience. Acme Shoes is one of the companies I admire in the online world and I noticed that you have a first-degree connection to Ellen Jones, a marketing director there. If you want to introduce yourself to someone new: Sometimes you don#8217;t have a mutual contact on LinkedIn and just need send a cold email. Here#8217;s a template from Alyson Weiss of essay, Career Moves, a division of JVS.

I hope you are doing well. We are both in the Boston Networking Club, so I was hoping it would be okay if I reached out to you. What Is Literature? [Name of HR person] posted a description for a Community Engagement Recruitment opening at your company today on the YNPN list serv that I am really interested in learning more about. If you want to college essay, request an informational interview: Just Jobs has several templates (for various circumstances) that include the characteristics of a good informational interview request: short, specific, and in the accounting mentions some common ground and background info. On Volleyball? I’m a [your profession]who has worked with [name of warm contact]and I’m currently making time to develop my skills and focus on what’s really important in [profession]when it comes to hiring a [professional]for a project. I’ve had a look through your website and foreign policy especially enjoyed the essay on volleyball, [whatever].

I’d love the thesis, opportunity to spend 20 mins with you to discuss your decision making process with regards to [professionals]and what your expectations are when working with them. If you want to thank a new contact or to someone who has helped you: And you should! However, in addition to showing gratitude, you can continue to college, keep in touch by being helpful and showing how their advice has helped you. Here#8217;s a sample of one out of three emails you should send, from Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You to Be Rich: Just wanted to thank you again for meeting with me earlier. Essays Respect? I’m definitely going to get in touch with Susan like you recommended.

I’ll keep you in the loop, and of course, please let me know if there’s anything I can do to on volleyball, repay the favor! If you want someone to critical lens essay thesis statement, recommend you on LinkedIn: It never hurts to have people sing your praises in public! Ask someone to write a recommendation for you on LinkedIn. Here#8217;s what Indie Business Network recommends: I hope this message finds you well. It was great seeing you at essay on volleyball the networking event last week! As we discussed, one of the things I am doing is university college writing creating new ways for college essay on volleyball, my prospective customers to quickly see how I can serve them. Since you were so pleased with the consultation we had a while back about your business, I am hoping that you would be so kind as to write a LinkedIn recommendation about my business expertise that I can share with others. If you need someone to be a reference: References are often the least thought about aspect of for you, a job hunt, but you should choose your references carefully.

Once you have identified someone to vouch for you, here#8217;s what Snag A Job recommends you say: I am sending you this email in essay on volleyball, hopes you will be a reference for me during my job search. Throughout my time working with you, I was able to grow professionally and feel like this experience has really helped me become an ideal employee. I know you would be able to attest to my reliability and willingness to learn. Policy? This list is not exhaustive, but hopefully it will help you break through any writer#8217;s block you have and college send great emails. For other tips on how to write emails check out the foreign, following resource: Advance your career by college on volleyball writing better emails. Any other email templates or formats work for you? Share them below!

Former Editor and Creator of Idealist Careers, a publication of Follow me on Twitter @ajlovesya. It is indeed an amazing effort for a large cohort of job seekers across the world. I must appreciate the policy, entire team of Idealist for this contribution. well done and keep it up. Like what you're reading?

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Chapter 8: The Personal Narrative (Structure) Published November 2009. The personal narrative is the most common structure for the personal statement genre. In this structure, the author tells his or her story. The personal statement is a brief but high-density autobiography, with certain zones you want to weight more heavily. In the personal narrative structure, you relate a representative story, a choice you made, or an college on volleyball event that changed the course of your life. You tweak the thesis story, like a photographer would compose a self-portrait, to college essay on volleyball, make it represent yourself in essays respect, a particular light. A strong personal narrative, whether it presents one or more than one story, should have an organizing theme linking the parts of the college essay statement. Essays Respect. By beginning with a theme, a metaphor, or an image that you then end with, the on volleyball essay concludes satisfyinglyas Samuel Taylor Coleridge saidwith its tail in its mouth. What Is Literature For You. With any structure or topic, you should always remember you are trying to persuade your audience to admit you to law school. You do this most powerfully by describing specific examples that show you possess intellectual excellence, leadership abilities, abilities to work with a team, that you have reached beyond the college essay on volleyball safety net of college, and that you can look at issues from multiple perspectives.

Also try to use your narrative to persuade your admissions committee reader that their law school is the best fit for you. Eighteen months ago, I was sitting at my computer, wedged between a dripping coffee maker to my left and the company’s CFO five feet to my right. Every keystroke shook the flimsy fold-out card table that served as my desk, on loan to the company from another employee’s garage. We were packed in the largest of three rooms in a 2,500 square foot space baking in the heat generated by ten co-workers in what is literature for you, close quarters, fifteen running computers, and an abnormally warm summer. On the college essay glass doorway was etched the ghostly lettering of the former company occupying the space, serving as a grim reminder of the what is literature for you ever-present possibility of failure. Two weeks earlier, I had been in my company’s small conference room sitting at the table surrounded by familiar faces from my last employer. College. Silicon Valley is incestuous: teams migrate from one company to methods of critical thinking in the accounting, the next, so I was not surprised to find myself recruited to college essay, join my old boss’s newest project.

They were selling another David versus Goliath story, featuring a small rag-tag team of for you, engineers defeating a seemingly insurmountable industry leader. On Volleyball. Despite my skepticism, I still had a free-running imagination fed with nostalgic thoughts of Bill Hewlett and in the accounting Dave Packard working on their first audio oscillator in college, a Palo Alto garage. But at my last start-up company, we had challenged a corporation for a piece of the industry pie, and nine years and $330 million dollars later, the company was a hollow shell doing mostly engineering contractor work. I was lucky enough to join that company late in the game and foreign sell my stock options early, but many others spent a significant portion of their career at a company that came close to glory but ultimately fell short: Goliath 1, David 0. This time they were telling me it was going to be different; they were always saying this time would be different.

I asked them how a small, poorly funded start-up company could go against a giant corporation, which was also the undisputed king of essay, our market, with nearly $400 million in quarterly revenue. After signing a non-disclosure agreement, I was let in on expectationgap, the big secret, the on volleyball meaning of the “C” in the company name: we were going to use recent innovations in carbon nano-tubes to revolutionize the industry. These nano-scopic cylindrical fibers that allow unparalleled circuit density would be David’s tiny, secret sling. With the financial incentive of stock options and the confidence gained by working with a crack technical team, everyone was working at full capacity. Expectationgap Thesis. There were scribbled drawings with names and dates taped up on a wall. These were the jotted ideas from our team of electrical engineers and physicists with M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from schools like Harvard, Stanford, and M.I.T.

One posting was my recent workings of a carbon nano-tube electro-mechanical configuration bit, an idea that a co-worker and I had developed that I would write up and the company would push through the patent process. By packing a dozen well-caffeinated physics and electronics geniuses into a pathetic three-room rental that resembled a low-budget movie studio, we had created the primordial soup of intellectual invention. College Essay On Volleyball. As a result of our collective ideas, our seasoned team, our innovative ideas, and nano-technology being the latest buzzword in investment, we were soon funded by venture capitalists for $10 million. It was immensely exciting to thinking accounting profession, be the tenth employee in a growing start-up company that would have to upgrade offices and college essay on volleyball dramatically expand staff in an up-scaling war against the industry titan. The increased design responsibility and what unbounded architectural creativity that comes with working for college a start-up is unparalleled.

However, the capability expectationgap necessity of side-stepping patented intellectual property belonging to our competitor, which covered all aspects of our design, from essay, manufacturing to essays respect, testing, placed a heavy burden on the design team. This danger was extremely real, as a similar start-up had collapsed following an infringement lawsuit related to unauthorized reproduction of a bit stream. As the designer of three different components, I examined our competition’s sixteen patents related to the memory aspect of the device. It was immensely satisfying to study, absorb, and then circumvent patent claims as I designed a conceptually similar but un-patented version of three memory blocks. I am interested in serving as general counsel for college essay a corporation focused on advanced semiconductor technology. My diverse work experience and master’s degree provide a perfect foundation to capability thesis, tackle the issues faced by a general counsel. I am drawn to the challenges I will find at the intersection of intellectual property, product liability, and corporate law. At this juncture in my life, I seek more challenge and personal growth in a field that calls on my written skills, attention to detail, and essay love of technology. My background in nano-technology will bring a unique perspective to the NYU classroom and what is literature for you will make me extremely marketable upon graduation. By pursuing a law degree, I intend to enter a profession that aligns with the college essay on volleyball interests and aptitudes I have discovered and developed through real work experience. It is through deep personal reflection that I have decided that law is the natural extension of my training, personality, and talents.

Commentary 1: Silicon Valley Start-Up. Structure: Personal Narrative. Thesis: I led a multi-million dollar design team; I can succeed in what, law school. Elements of Style: Comparison to David Goliath (Cultural Appeal) Committee Appeal: Tangible Impact, Real World Experience, Pro-Active Starter, Good Leader. This is an on volleyball excellent personal statement because it shows this candidate has had a tangible impact on organizations, and probably on the global economy.

The statement keeps the reader engaged by giving a meaningful story with background, context, conflict, and resolution. It also provides a peek into the mysterious and increasingly legend-generating world of Silicon Valley start-ups. This is a good model for someone who has been out of college for thesis a while, but who hasn’t been working in a law firm. The essay is focused on career goals, with career history to back up the on volleyball writer’s plans. This person is a doer, not a dreamer. The writer shows a depth of technical knowledge and strong analytic reasoning skills that go far beyond linear thinking, especially in the description of finding new solutions to highly technical problems that do not violate patents. Methods Of Critical. The statement creates desire in the admissions committee to admit this person because other companies seek to on volleyball, hire the applicant and venture capitalists are willing to support the applicant with substantial funds. This statement will inspire members of the admissions committee to capability, act on the applicant’s behalf because he has successfully reached beyond the safety net of college. This applicant demonstrated his strong written communication skills by college on volleyball writing a compelling statement that uses several kinds of essays respect, rhetorical appeals. Logic is used to show how his analytical ability helps to keep the company afloat in the same waters where others have foundered.

He uses touches of emotional appeals when he describes the college essay “primordial soup of intellectual invention” inside the cramped office. The analogy in which he compares his small start-up and the industry leader to David and dbq essay Goliath uses both emotional and college essay on volleyball cultural appeals to excellent effect: The story is one everyone knows, and so just by invoking the names, the writer brings a powerful story into his narrative without using valuable space. This mythic story becomes a theme woven throughout the university college essay writing guide essay. It is a rhetorical device that establishes a connection in the reader’s mind between this candidate and a leader known for his compassionate personality (King David). This writer has also composed the essay on volleyball statement so that he comes across as an authoritative, competent, thoughtful, and thesis honest leader. This statement helped earn the applicant acceptance to NYU School of Law and Columbia Law School. This essay is too focused on the details of the story and fails to give sufficient evidence for why this person is a good candidate for law school. This essay is structured as a personal narrative, and the topic is the college applicant’s professional experience.

The first paragraph is wholly descriptive prose that has very little to do with why this person is a good candidate for law school. The first paragraph lacks a thesis or a direction for the essay. Foreign. Ideally, the reader should find a microcosm of the essay in the first paragraph. The second-to-last paragraph packs in essay on volleyball, the most value to the admissions committee for thesis the space used, but the essay on volleyball background story is important for this paragraph to capability thesis, be so powerful. On Volleyball. To make the background story do more work for him, the writer could plant more indicators of his positive qualities and statement characteristics in the early part of the essay. For example, he could mention how he used his oral communication skills to communicate with his design team and essay on volleyball supervisors, so that the admissions committee knows he feels that mastery of oral communication skills is important. The last paragraph is where the applicant draws together his themes with his self-assessment and goals. He should mention what his master’s degree is in. This writer commits the common error of throwing in the name of the school receiving this statement as a token.

Any law school program could fill that place. The writer doesn’t appear to have done research about the law program at NYU. Is he drawn to NYU School of Law because of their expertise in intellectual property, or does the applicant feel that being in New York City will put him in contact with East Coast technology specialists who will give him a leg up in his career? The writer needs to persuade the NYU admissions committee that NYU is the only school for critical thesis him, and he can do this by interpreting how the college essay on volleyball school’s particular strengths will advance his goals. Despite these quibbles, though, this is overall a fantastic personal statement. Senior Designthe year-long capstone course and college-wide competition that engineering students learn about on their first day and do not stop thinking about policy dbq essay until their last. Essay. It forces them to draw from all they have learned. Essays Respect. It is a test of perseverance, creativity, and technical knowledge.

It was also, rather unexpectedly, the catalyst in my decision to study law. The philosophy of the college essay Senior Design course was to foster a spirit of essays respect, entrepreneurship. To that extent, we had to conceptualize, design, build, and test our project considering real-world constraints such as time, cost, and technical feasibility. Finally, we had to “sell” it to college essay, a panel of industry judges during a poster presentation. My team agreed to implement an idea I had for years but didn’t have the know-how or resources to build. We designed a point-of-sale (POS) system for restaurants where customers could place their own orders and pay directly from their tables. It consisted of a graphical touch-screen display unit at the table, pager units for thesis wait staff, and a kitchen unit where all orders would be displayed and managed. All communication was wireless, using state-of-the-art Bluetooth technology. We dubbed it TruePOS.

The professor feared our project was too ambitious. Even now, it is difficult to say if this was true. My team meshed together well, but like any fabric, there were bound to college on volleyball, be rips. We were almost torn to shreds the last few weeks: sleepless nights, arguments piling up, parts not working, and families tested to the limits of their patience. But our sacrifice paid off. Among 21 teams from civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering, as a whole considered to be the best group in the history of the competition, we won the grand prize. At the awards banquet, almost every professor, student, and industry invitee told us that we should get a patent as soon as possible. As we stood on expectationgap, the stage accepting our award, I could tell we were feeling many of the same emotions: elation, relief, gratitude. As I looked at my teammates, with their earnest, eye-scrunching smiles, I came to college essay, a realization.

I was not the same person I was a year ago. It was as if Senior Design was a glowing, red-hot crucible, and I was a placed inside, melted down, and tempered in a new mold. My basic substance was the same, but I had taken a different shape. I had grown complacent, but I now felt a renewed fervor. Although I hadn’t given it much consideration earlier, I knew the critical lens essay next step in my life: we would get that patent. My teammates and I met with the Director of the Office of Technology Transfer, Ken Sherman, at the University of college on volleyball, Nevada, Las Vegas. Ken explained the methods thinking in the accounting profession basic patent process including the concept of college on volleyball, prior art and asked us to do a patent search on college guide, the United States Patent and Trademark Office website. College Essay On Volleyball. As I conducted this search, I realized that, to my own shock, I enjoyed it. Methods Thinking Accounting Profession. I found myself wondering what it would be like to sit down with the engineers and scientists behind many patents, hashing out the technical details and helping them draft the document that would secure their intellectual property. Most inventors lack the necessary skills to protect themselves. I would be good at helping them, I thought.

My interest in patent law, and now the college law in general, has only continued to tyndale essay, grow. I have been devouring information on law school, and essay I cannot wait for the challenge. I believe that Columbia Law School presents the best opportunity for my legal education and methods of critical thinking accounting profession is undoubtedly my first choice. I have contacted several students and college alumni who attest to foreign dbq essay, the challenging, yet rewarding experience Columbia provides. Many of my friends and most of my family live in New York, many just minutes away via train.

I have always relied on a strong support network, and Columbia would allow me to not only continue this habit, but strengthen it. My plan is to practice law in essay, New York; Columbia’s placement history would help me realize this goal. My decision to study law came from an unlikely source. Tyndale College Essay. My strong academic record and background as an electrical engineer provide a pragmatic foundation for my success in essay on volleyball, law school. I feel prepared to study law at tyndale university college essay Columbia University, and I feel that I can offer Columbia something in return. I look forward to beginning my legal career at Columbia.

Commentary 2: Senior Design. Structure: Personal Narrative. Thesis: I designed an ingenious device and essay on volleyball want to methods of critical thinking accounting, learn about patent law. Elements of Style: Modern feel, and technological savvy. Committee Appeal: Intellectual Excellence, Pro-Active Starter, Good Leadership Skills.

This essay has all the best elements of an exceptional law school essay. It has enthusiasm, building excitement, and triumph. College. The applicant gives the reader an “ah ha!” moment when he announces his idea for essays respect the Senior Design competition. The invention, TruePOS, strikes the reader as a great idea, promising benefits to customers and essay restaurant owners alike. This candidate has achieved greatness, and he offers great promise to in the accounting, achieve it again through creativity, technical knowledge, and drive that makes him stay up all night to accomplish his goals. He has a reason for wanting to go to law school: to learn about patent law, because he is college on volleyball, sitting on a patent that could potentially make him millions of dollars. This applicant has worked with a team, and more than that, he is what for you, naturally both the college essay leader and the glue for essays respect the teams he organizes. He gets passionate about what he is working on. He is motivated, ambitious and clever.

He has substantial intellectual and analytical abilities. This statement is a pleasure to read. It uses the description of one key event to showcase the applicant’s array of talents. The applicant does a good job of conveying his particular interest in Columbia Law School: intellectual fit (Columbia’s patent law program) and geographical location (proximity to college, family) are valid reasons why Columbia Law School is his first choice. This statement assisted the applicant in securing admission to Columbia Law School, amongst others. While this essay tells a great story, it conveys it through language that is at times clunky and unvarnished. The essay starts with a sentence fragment, and the first paragraph contains a somewhat inexplicable shift from present to past tense.

These are not trivial questions of in the accounting profession, pedantry; the college essay on volleyball law depends upon the precise use of language, and so these errors could signal to the admissions committee that the writer’s verbal acumen is what is literature, not equal to college essay on volleyball, his technical expertise. The author’s metaphorsof fabric and crucibledo not bring the language to statement, life or help the reader visualize the scene. The last two paragraphs are not as strong as the previous paragraphs. Essay On Volleyball. The applicant needs to capitalize on his ability to understand the language of engineers, and to make an argument for why people with his background are needed as patent lawyers. Essays Respect. He needs to create as much desire as he can in the Columbia admissions committee to want him as part of their class.

If possible and/or plausible, he should compare the Senior Design competition at his university to one at college essay MIT, or some other well-known university, so the committee has a clear frame of reference for his great achievement. The committee would like to think they are getting one of the foreign dbq essay best and brightest engineers in the country. On Volleyball. When describing the design process, the what for you applicant might want to say which parts he was responsible for creating. He also might be able to college essay, look up how many patents came out of the Senior Design program, and use that number to his advantage. 3. Stay-at-Home Dad. In the essays respect spring of 1999, my son, Charlie, was just learning to crawl, and my wife, Margaret, was in her last year of medical school. She was also set to begin an college essay on volleyball obstetrics and gynecology residency in July, which would require us to move. Essays Respect. Since I would therefore be leaving my job as a teacher at IS 104, a New York City middle school, I used the opportunity to reevaluate my career goals.

I took great satisfaction from my work as a teacher, but I had realized early on that the children I was most concerned for needed as much help at home and in the family courts as they did in a classroom. That belief, along with my desire for greater intellectual challenges, convinced me that I wanted to college essay, attend law school. What Is Literature For You. If I took the LSAT in June 1999 and worked for a year while applying to law schools near Margaret’s program, both residency and law school would finish in 2003. Then, with Charlie turning five, we could move to an area with good public schools and begin our professional careers. It seemed like a great plan. College Essay. But as I thought about what life for policy dbq essay my family would be like while we implemented it, I could not dismiss the lessons I had learned in my years as a teacher. Foremost in my mind was a class of college essay on volleyball, twelve E.D. (“Emotionally Disturbed”) eighth-grade special education students I had during my first year of teaching. Most lived apart from both their parents, and they were my only college, class in three years to be completely unrepresented at parent-teacher conferences. They had little in common with the geeky-looking, middle-class white guy standing in front of them, and even less interest in getting along with him. For those first months they shoved, insulted, and threatened me on a daily basis. Finally, in January, I found the answer: I started a track team and recruited heavily from that class.

Almost instantly, I went from enemy to “Coach,” and in the classroom, pushing gave way to high fives. Our first semester had been all but wasted, but in the rest of the year, we covered the Roaring Twenties, their fears about essay AIDS, and anything else I could fit under the expectationgap wide umbrella of “Social Studies.” By year’s end, they were easily my favorite class. To me, they represented a dramatic illustration of how the lack of stable homes and involved parental figures had affected the kids I taught. They also showed me what even a little quality time with an adult could do for essay a child. The life my wife and I had envisioned would give Charlie a mom who spent up to 120 hours a week at the hospital and, simultaneously, a dad who practically lived at the law library. That plan was increasingly difficult to capability thesis, square with my experiences at essay IS 104. I initially wrestled against the solution that kept occurring to essays respect, me, but eventually I told Margaret that I wanted to become a stay-at-home dad. At first, she worried that, far from receiving the intellectual stimulation I craved, I would be bored at home and would resent her for holding me back. Margaret was also concerned that “delaying” law school would turn into “giving up” on it. She left unspoken her fear that she might respect me less if I stayed home. In truth I shared even her unspoken fears.

Still, reason told me that what I proposed was the college right choice for our family. I assured Margaret that, to foreign policy, keep my brain active, I would continue running my part-time IT business. I argued I would not feel held back because, instead, I would take pride in doing what my family needed me to college essay, do. Law school could wait Charlie’s childhood would not. When we moved for Margaret’s residency at Stanford, I began my life as a stay-at-home dad. There was a period of adjustment despite knowing that I was doing the right thing for our family, my previously breadwinning male ego was still catching up. Other people seemed to struggle with my role, too. A playgroup leader asked Charlie and me not to return for methods of critical thinking a second play date because some of college, “The Girls” were uncomfortable with the idea of having a father in the group. Prospective IT clients tended to underestimate me when they learned exactly why I telecommuted.

In public, strangers often asked if I was “babysitting,” or they said words that are nails-on-a-chalkboard to any at-home father: “Oh, so you’re Mr. Mom?” But negative or awkward experiences were rare, and the positives blew them away. Every day, I got to play with my son, and later, my daughter Sophia. I could take them to foreign dbq essay, see their Mommy whenever she had an college essay unexpected slow-down at the hospital, which made residency more bearable for everyone involved. At home, we made crafts and essays respect danced and read.

I felt good about college essay trying to push gender-neutral toys, even if I had to smile ruefully as Charlie still turned his Legos into guns and Sophia still gravitated towards all things pink. What. More recently, I have coached soccer, introduced algebra to college on volleyball, my seven-year-old, and volunteered at school. Most of essays respect, all, I have given my children what I hope is the right mix of hugs, discipline, and fun. Essay. Both are now as kind and happy as they are bright, and seeing them develop into such great kids has affirmed my decision to stay home to raise them. What I once approached as a duty I now regard as a true privilege, and capability expectationgap my wife’s respect for me has grown in these years, not shrunk. My wife and I once feared that I would give up on going to law school or that my brain would atrophy while home with the kids. Instead, I became more efficient and more ambitious with the time I did have to myself. For pleasure reading, I tackled academic texts on such topics as Islamic history, an interest I have had since college, and Constitutional theory.

During naps, preschool, and late nights, I taught myself Cisco network administration, accounting, and anything else I needed to know to run my business. On behalf of the practice my wife joined after residency, I have analyzed physician productivity and evaluated the financial viability of college essay, a major real estate venture. Critical Thesis Statement. Most recently, I played a pivotal role in the successful renegotiation of a multimillion-dollar contract with Blue Cross/Blue Shield. My work and self-study have honed my analytical skills far beyond their levels of college, seven years ago, and critical statement have broadened the areas of law in which I am interested. I will be a far better law student in 2008 than I could ever have been in 2000. This next year will bring many exciting changes to college on volleyball, my family and me. Some of them, such as the of critical thinking in the accounting fact that both kids will be in college, school full time and need me less during the day, will come whether I begin law school or not. Others, such as my wife rearranging her schedule so she can be at home when school lets out, will result from the same sort of conscious decision to act for the good of our family as I made over eight years ago. When I arrive on campus next fall, I will approach the study of law from a mature and potentially unique perspective, driven by essay writing guide the same values, dedication, and sense of personal responsibility that have guided me throughout my adult life as a teacher, husband, and father. Commentary 3: Stay-at-Home Dad. Structure: Personal Narrative.

Thesis: I am mature, self-motivated, compassionate. Elements of Style: Modern man. Committee Appeal: Tangible Impact on Individuals, Intellectual Excellence, Real World Experience. This is a type of personal statement that will probably become more common as highly intelligent, professional couples begin to share the responsibility of childcare. And fields, like law, that have typically been male-dominated are increasingly responding well to professionals trying to better balance work and family. This is college essay on volleyball, still a very fraught issue, however, which comes directly out of women’s movements of the last century. This personal statement gives the reader a very modern-feeling perspective on professional couples from the point of view of a man actively sharing childcare with his wife, whom he respects as his intellectual equal.

The applicant describes prejudice he has had to deal with as a result of his choice, in addition to is literature for you, his initial doubts about how his decision could have changed the on volleyball dynamics in his own family. The major theme is methods thinking in the, also intertwined with the theme of society’s duty to care for children, in terms of both public education and legal representation. The applicant gives a heartfelt personal narrative of his experience working with children in essay on volleyball, a presumably economically disadvantaged part of New York City, and from there he moves on thesis, to his decision to provide care for essay his children as they grow up. Thesis. The emotionally disturbed students at IS 104 provide a strong counterpoint for the applicant’s own more privileged children. The core of this essay is what kids need: They need parents or community members who are there for them. Essay On Volleyball. There are no soapbox speeches on the state of child neglect, abuse or abandonment in the United States; the author just offers a personal narrative that is sincere and honest, humble yet intelligent. Women reading this essay might like it because the author is willing to dbq essay, embrace an alternate gender role to ensure his children have stimulating, loving formative years. He understands women and children and what they need to be happy. He has accepted responsibility for his family and community, and now he wants to have a chance to fulfill his potential in a professional field.

All of essay on volleyball, this makes the candidate unique. He seems to be in a good place to of critical, begin a law career, and he is motivated. His personality and enthusiasm come through, along with his self-confidence and maturity. Above all, he has shown, without needing to college on volleyball, tell, that he would bring compassion and essay writing guide open-mindedness to his legal studies. The applicant also gives concrete examples of his intellectual and analytical abilities in the sixth paragraph.

The applicant is a self-starter: He has managed his own IT business for at least the past six years. During this time he also learned new skills to essay on volleyball, help his business grow, and he worked with his wife’s medical team to analyze and negotiate ventures to help her business grow. Is Literature For You. He reads books for pleasure on history and constitutional law, which demonstrates the positive quality of college, being a lifetime learner. Capability Expectationgap Thesis. In the fifth paragraph, the author reveals he also has a daughter, and that is a happy surprise. He resists telling silly stories about what the college babies did; throughout the essay he is focused and mature. This personal statement narrates a very real drama faced by highly intelligent, motivated couples who want to have a family but do not want to leave their children entirely in foreign dbq essay, the hands of a nanny or a daycare program.

The applicant shows a great deal of respect for his wife’s ambition, compassion for college on volleyball the needs of children, and most importantly, he shows why he would be an excellent candidate for law school. This applicant was accepted into Penn Law School even with a 3.3 GPA (from Harvard), counterbalanced by capability thesis this strong personal statement and a 99 th percentile score on his LSAT. The essay is a little bit baggy; there is room to tighten it up and still expand on why this applicant would be a good candidate for law school. He could cut sentences 3-6, about essay visiting mommy, dancing and reading, in the weaker fifth paragraph, and then expand the excellent paragraph six. Paragraph six, showing the applicant’s self-motivation, is the meat of the essay for the admissions committee. Here the applicant conveys the skills he has been honing the last six years and the growth he has made since college.

The applicant needs to of critical accounting profession, use this paragraph to better explain how he has impacted others. For example, he could easily work in his successes in college by college essay on volleyball adding on essays respect, to the first paragraph something like this: “My wife and college on volleyball I once feared that I would give up on going to law school or that staying home with the kids would cause my brain to what, atrophy after a rigorous and exciting college education spent studying history and taking on college essay on volleyball, leadership positions in the pre-law society and university newspaper staff.” He also needs to tell the committee more about his success as an entrepreneur. Essays Respect. What kind of business did he start? How many clients did he have? Did the business grow over time? He could also give more information about the real estate venture he helped with, and how he put his analytical skills to work. If he really wants to work with children under the law, he should talk a little more about what kind of college essay on volleyball, help he believes children need from lawyers. He is very focused, so he should also give specific reasons why he wants to be accepted at what for you a particular school. In the last paragraph, he should remind the admissions committee members that he is college, dedicated to helping children in his community and to excelling in both his law classes and in the legal field, so that they will have no doubts that he will be as dedicated to the study of law as to his children. To one extent or another, I think that everyone who grows up in this country is indoctrinated in a world-view of critical essay, which this nation is the center and college on volleyball the rest of the world is at the periphery.

In such a culture where priority is placed on the individual, it is natural to consider your experience at the very center and marginalize the rest. Children are naturally self-centered, and of critical thinking in the probably are more so if growing up in a sheltered environment, as I did. Coming from a traditional, well-off nuclear family, my childhood experience was focused by my innate ideas about the essay world and my place in essays respect, it. On Volleyball. Even so, I think I was more open about new experiences and travel than the dbq essay other kids I grew up with. Thanks to my family’s love of camping as our primary recreation, I had visited every state in the country and most southern provinces in Canada by college on volleyball the age of 16. Although this is something of a uniformly North American experience, it did foster in critical essay thesis statement, me an appreciation of change, a sense of mobility, and even a certain degree of restfulness. Indeed, it was probably the experience of college, camping in critical essay, rural Québecand not being able to communicate with the campground owners, who spoke only Frenchwhen I was 10 years old that touched off my desire to essay on volleyball, learn the language and travel to dbq essay, France. As a result, I have been a confirmed Francophile for many years now. Yet, despite growing up in college on volleyball, the state with the largest percentage of Hispanics in the country, I never made any effort to either learn Spanish or get to know the culturemuch less befriend anyone of what, a different background than my own. And this attitude persisted until this June.

Motivated mainly by the desire to college essay on volleyball, learn a highly useful Romance language, I went to essays respect, Mexico this summerand fell in love. The people, the food, the attitudes, and college the language itself, all inspired me to open my mind towards this culture I had previously dismissed, with the result that now, back in Oklahoma, I am continuing my studies in Spanish and making every effort to involve myself with groups on critical essay, campus as well as individual students I meet with Latin American backgrounds. I’ve noticed a similar phenomenon after beginning to study the Russian language this year. College Essay. Most of my life I have had a vague, undefined and capability expectationgap poorly understood contempt for communism, Soviet Russia, and anything related that was supposedly threatening to our way of life. But since beginning to study the language, the country’s history, and the people, I have discovered an essay on volleyball equal passion for this culture. I speak Russian whenever I can, to the consternation of my family and friends, and spend many hours talking with the Russian students I’ve met through my student job. While travel and broadened knowledge of other parts of the world may not be the only way to essays respect, develop a more affectionate viewpoint of other people, societies and college essay cultures, it certainly serves to writing, destroy these preconceived notions we grow up with. College Essay. My experiences have both made me a better person and helped me to reach out to critical thesis, others in a similar fashion. College Essay. International law offers me an capability opportunity both to use my passion for new experiences and to be a part of a rapidly changing process. College. I am motivated both to learn more about this process and as well as the prospect of someday influencing it. Although one benefit of my travel experiences has been to broaden my personal scope, I know that what I have seen and done represents only tyndale college essay guide, a tiny slice of what our world has to college on volleyball, offer.

I’m ready to participate in more of it. Commentary 4: Happy Camper. Structure: Personal Narrative. Topic: Language acquisition. Thesis: Languages have helped me learn about the world and its needs. Elements of Style: Becoming bolder. Committee Appeal: Intellectual Excellence, Multiple Perspectives. This essay praises the value of travel and essays respect foreign language acquisition to college on volleyball, overcome preconceived notions of others. The author has traveled and been exposed to essay guide, cultural differences. She has also studied languages intensely.

Cultural studies aims to fight many of the prejudices that are also overcome by open-minded travel. This essay takes up several of the themes in cultural studies; however, the themes are given first-hand perspective rather than theoretical discussion. First-hand experience allows for the inclusion of specific details, which admissions committees prefer. The author’s camping experiences stand out as unique. They give the essay impression that she is always moving, learning, and experiencing the world. Camping is not an elite form of travel, so the fact that she begins learning about other cultures “on the ground,” gives her a genuine and sympathetic character (good ethos). Tyndale University Guide. The reader believes her claim that she wants to immerse herself in other cultures, to meet the people, and not just see the sights. In the context of the essay, the author suggests that each of the fifty states in the U.S. has its own culture, just as each has its own laws, and she has experienced them all. Traveling in North America gradually evolved for college on volleyball her into international interests in capability thesis, France and Russia. Then an interest in the Spanish language returned her home, to Spanish speakers in her town. After discovering a new perspective on college essay, her everyday life, she is ready to move out again into essays respect, the field of international law.

The applicant was accepted to both Yale Law School and Harvard Law School. With her 4.0 GPA and 180 LSAT, her main goal was to on volleyball, write a personal statement that would not be an obstacle to her admission. This statement achieved that goal and was even beneficial, although the statement could have been vastly improved. The rhetoric needs to be reshaped to reflect an intrepid, worldly law school candidate, which she is, rather than a sheltered, somewhat timid applicant. The essay lacks specific details that could illustrate the author’s positive qualities, such as leadership, resourcefulness, negotiation, organization.

The only specific detail in the essay is that once the author could not communicate with a Québécois camp manager. This essay is too focused on starting new languages without pausing to explain how the thesis author used each language to influence others, understand the on volleyball world from a different perspective, or attempt cultural assimilation. The author should work in one or two narratives that show her interacting with others as a leader or part of capability, a team. Admissions committees seek out collegial, self-assured candidates who work well with others. Most of the essay first two paragraphs, up until the introduction to camping, should be cut.

The author needs a more powerful introduction in dbq essay, its place in order to grab the college on volleyball reader and foreign establish a thesis that is then woven throughout the on volleyball essay. The introduction, as it stands, introduces the author as self-centered and sheltered; it would be better to capability expectationgap thesis, introduce her as a multi-lingual world-traveler. Because the candidate has only studied Spanish for a few months, the rhetoric needs to make up for it being a new interest. The author could write the college essay as a travel narrative that ended back at home, with a new perspective on tyndale university, her history and culture. College Essay. This might be an essay that needs a quote about travel. At any rate, it needs a clearer thesis, explaining why the candidate values travel and languages.

For example, she could explain that travel and language acquisition contain within them a challenging and exciting array of academic, creative, and professional pursuits. This will satisfy admission committee members that the candidate has not studied languages to the exclusion of is literature, other academic and analytical pursuits. Here is an essay on volleyball example of how the essays respect essay could be revised: [I traveled one hundred thousand milesto all fifty states and essay on volleyball [four] countriesand learned three languages, before I could understand what was in my own backyard.] (While travel and language acquisition may not be the only ways to develop a more sophisticated understanding of other individuals, societies and cultures, they steadily tear down preconceived notions we unwittingly grow up with.) My family considered travel an critical lens essay statement essential aspect of education. Our primary recreation was camping.

By the on volleyball time I was sixteen, I had visited every state in the country and essays respect most southern provinces in Canada. [Comic description of college, recreation vehicle?] Once in rural Québec, (description of setting and essays respect attempted conversation with campground owners). [This was the first time I experienced a language barrier. I was ten years old, and I determined then I would learn French. By the time I graduated from high school, I had succeeded at this goal, and college on volleyball I was fluent enough to spend one summer (working at a vineyard in dbq essay, France). Description of essay on volleyball, skills acquired in this country.] [From this experience I realized the enormous benefits to be gained by critical lens essay statement learning languages. In college, I continued honing my French language skills. Essay. I often read French newspapers online to get a better sense of the repercussions of the essay writing United States government’s actions on essay on volleyball, the international community.] [When one enters another culture’s language, it becomes easier to enter its perspectives. I began studying Russian in what for you, college so that I could come to a better understanding of the political situation in the former Soviet Union, as it were, from the college on volleyball inside out. Since beginning to study the language, the country’s history, and the people, I have To improve my Russian language skills, I sought out a job that puts me in contact with Russia students. [Description of job.] This work allows me to spend many hours talking with Russian friends about is literature for you changes in the former Soviet Union over the past decade. (A specific detail about an interaction with a Russian friend.)] [After much travel and language study, I recently looked again at my home. Essay On Volleyball. To my surprise, I found I saw it with new vision. I began to be interested in the community I had previously been eager to essay writing guide, escape.] Oklahoma has the essay on volleyball largest percentage of what for you, Spanish speakers of any state in the country. Essay. [I found that I wanted to be part of the community that surrounded me my whole life, and lens essay thesis statement which extended out through most of Central and South America and over to Spain. Spanish is the college on volleyball official language in twenty countries, and spoken in more than twenty other countries.] I immersed myself in the language in Mexico last summer.

The people, the food, the is literature attitudes, and the language itself, all inspired me to on volleyball, open my mind towards this culture I had previously dismissed. Now, back in Oklahoma, I am continuing my studies in Spanish and making every effort to involve myself with groups on campus as well as individual students I meet with Spanish-speaking backgrounds. [specific details related to Spanish-speaking student groups, law or career goals] [When I begin a new language or a new course of study, I see it through to the end, and I excel in the possibilities open to me once I have mastered the foundations. I intend to put my language skills to work in a career in international law.] I am motivated to learn more about the rapidly-changing process of international law. Although my travel experiences have broadened my scope already, I know that what I have seen and done represents only a tiny slice of what our world has to offer. I am eager to participate in is literature, more of it. I am a thinker, but not one to on volleyball, think out loud.

I love myself, but am not in love with the sound of my own voice. I want to be loved, but not at the cost of not loving myself. I want to know everything, but realize that nothing can ever be known for sure. Capability Expectationgap Thesis. I believe that nothing is absolute, but I can absolutely defend my beliefs. College Essay On Volleyball. I understand that chance is prevalent in all aspects of life, but never leave anything important to chance. I am skeptical about everything, but realistic in the face of my skepticism. I base everything on probability, but so does nature. probably. I believe that all our actions are determined, but feel completely free to college essay, do as I choose. I do not believe in anything resembling a God, but would never profess omniscience with regard to such issues.

I have faith in nothing, but trust that my family and friends will always be faithful. I feel that religion is among the greatest problems in the world, but also understand that it is perhaps the ultimate solution. I recognize that many people derive their morals from religion, but I insist that religion is essay, not the only fountainhead of morality. I respect the intimate connection between morality and law, but do not believe that either should unquestioningly respect the other. I want to study the law and become a lawyer, but I do not want to study the college guide law just because I want to become a lawyer. I am aware that the college on volleyball law and economics cannot always be studied in conjunction, but I do not feel that either one can be properly studied without an awareness of the thesis other. I recognize there is more to the law than efficiency, but believe the on volleyball law should recognize the importance of tyndale, efficiency more than it does. I love reading about law and philosophy, but not nearly as much as I love having a good conversation about the two. I know that logic makes an argument sound, but also know that passion makes an college essay argument sound logical. Foreign Policy Dbq Essay. I have philosophical beliefs informed by economics and economic beliefs informed by philosophy, but I have lost track of which beliefs came first.

I know it was the college on volleyball egg though. I always think very practically, but do not always like to university college essay, think about the essay on volleyball practical. I have wanted to be a scientist for a while now, but it took me two undergraduate years to figure out that being a scientist does not necessarily entail working in a laboratory. I play the saxophone almost every day, but feel most like an artist when deduction is my instrument. Critical. I spent one year at a college where I did not belong and two years taking classes irrelevant for my major, but I have no regrets about my undergraduate experience. Essay On Volleyball. I am incredibly passionate about my interests, but cannot imagine being interested in lens, only one passion for college essay on volleyball an entire lifetime. I love the Yankees, but do not hate the Red Sox.

I love sports, but hate the accompanying anti-intellectual culture. I may read the newspaper starting from the capability thesis back, but I always make my way to the front eventually. I am liberal on some issues and conservative on others, but reasonable about college essay all of them. I will always be politically active, but will never be a political activist. I think everything through completely, but I am never through thinking about anything. I can get along with almost anyone, but there are very few people without whom I could not get along. I am giving of my time, but not to methods of critical thinking in the profession, the point of forgetting its value. I live for each moment, but not as much as I worry about the next.

I consider ambition to be of the utmost importance, but realize that it is useless without the support of hard work. I am a very competitive person, but only college essay on volleyball, when competing with myself. I have a million dreams, but I am more than just a dreamer. I am usually content, but never satisfied. I am a study in contradiction, but there is not an inconsistency to be found. Structure: Personal Narrative.

Thesis: I am a clever risk-taker. Elements of Style: Literary play with contradiction and a variety of verbal punning. Committee Appeal: Intellectual Excellence, Multiple Perspectives. This personal statement is constructed like a poem: there is a rhythm to it that draws the reader in; there is critical lens thesis, also verbal play and the construction of a somewhat mysterious self-portrait. This applicant had an impressive 4.0 GPA and college on volleyball 178 LSAT, so he or she could be a risk-taker with the personal statement.

This essay stands out because it is more artfully designed than other statements. Essays Respect. This is a good strategy if you are sure of your standardized scores or if you are applying to a reach school and college essay so are trying to essays respect, get yourself noticed (see Appendix A: Reach School Risk-Taking). An experimental personal statement such as this is just as likely to succeed as to flop, because some admissions committee members value creativity while others will be put off by the lack of specific details. In its uniqueness, it is college essay, unclear how difficult this statement was to write; most admissions committee members will probably give the candidate the benefit of the doubt and see it as highly original rather than a series of clichés. Some people have privacy boundaries that a traditional personal statement crosses. This author may have revealed what he or she was comfortable sharing with the what is literature admissions committee.

This statement works by college essay a clever rhetorical trick: The author will repeat a word in essays respect, the same sentence but shift the meaning to college on volleyball, a different, often contrary, usage. For example, the capability thesis author writes, “I believe that nothing is absolute, but I can absolutely defend my beliefs.” Most of the sentences are linked in essay on volleyball, a daisy chain of associative ideas. Essay Thesis Statement. For example, the first paragraph moves through the author’s views on thinking, loving, and doubting. The author then gestures towards interests in philosophy, morality, law, economics, music, sports, and politics. On Volleyball. In the third paragraph, the applicant tells us he or she is good at synthesizing diverse information. The admissions committee will like this ability, as well as the humor that concludes the paragraph with the capability expectationgap chicken-and-egg joke. The statement ends with a character sketch indicating the author is friendly but ambitious and complex. And finally, there is an important punch when the piece ends: “I am a study in contradiction, but there is college essay on volleyball, not an inconsistency to foreign, be found.” This statement worked for essay the applicant because this person was accepted everywhere, including Yale and Stanford, and was offered a $63,000 scholarship to NYU. Although this statement is put together like a poem, it lacks the tyndale college internal logic and consistency that would make it an outstanding example of the personal statement genre.

The author starts out very well, linking each sentence to the previous one, but upon close analysis, the college chain link falls apart rather quickly. In the first paragraph, talking connects quiet thinking to self-respect, and then love connects self-respect to essays respect, healthy relationships, but after this, the author enters stream-of-consciousness mode. We learn the author is not religious. He or she writes, “I know that logic makes an argument sound, but also know that passion makes an argument sound logical.” The problem with a sentence like this is essay, that it does not give the reader specific evidence that this person is either logical or passionate. It tells without showing anything. This personal statement encases the capability thesis author behind a rhetorical wall that does not allow his or her personality to emerge. We do not have a sense of whether this person is trustworthy because we have no specific stories or examples to evaluate for on volleyball the author’s ethical appeal. The fourth paragraph is somewhat damaging to thinking accounting, the author when we learn, “I spent one year at a college where I did not belong and two years taking classes irrelevant for my major.” The admissions committee will wonder: Why didn’t you belong at that college? Why did you take random classes for two years? Can you be trusted to essay on volleyball, maintain your focus in essays respect, law school?

The word play at this point waffles between clever and stale. This statement would do better to begin and end with the verbal play, but to have a solid paragraph or two in college on volleyball, the middle of personal narrative, in which the admissions committee members really get to know the person behind this rhetorical show. I could barely understand Harrison over the background chatter of the rugby party, so I only caught the tail end of his question: thought I heard something in practice, and, well, are you gay? I smiled at essays respect him, and shook my head, even as I felt my stomach lurch. What had I done wrong?

Had some inflection given me away, or had I responded suspiciously to on volleyball, some inscrutable cue or prompt? I had spent my post-pubescent years carefully perfecting a façade: ruining my posture and what changing my walk to hide all evidence of my training in essay, ballet; vigilantly monitoring the pitch and tone of my voice; dressing poorly, shaving sporadically, and generally presenting myself as the polar opposite of the gay man as conceived in the popular imagination. I was a skilled performer in a different kind of closet drama, one so long-running that at times I could almost forget I was on stage. Until I shook my head at Harrison, however, I had never lied outright. In high school, I had promised myself that if anyone asked me directly about tyndale college writing guide my sexuality, I would be honest. I then proceeded to do everything in my power to prevent such questioning. After entering college, and college on volleyball realizing that many people could recognize the signs of repressed homosexuality when they saw them, I had refined this endeavor. I started making the effort not just to appear straight, but not to appear closeted. Thus, I became a vocal defender of gay rights, assuming no one would suspect someone so openly supportive of gays might conceal his own sexuality. I gained further credibility by predicating my support on my experiences as a biracial individual, often citing the anti-miscegenation suit Loving v. Virginia as the crux of my argument for gay marriage.

I tolerated no homophobia in my presence, and eschewed macho affectation. This ruse seemed completely successful. In fact, I began to writing guide, despair that no one would ever see through it, for even as I dreaded exposure, I craved it. Essay. By my senior year of college, it had begun to weigh on of critical accounting profession, me that I was going to graduate without any of my friends or teammates knowing who I really was. Then Harrison, a younger student whom I did not know well, ripped my pretenses to shreds with a question, which suggested that all my efforts had been for essay on volleyball naught. I could have used his query as an opportunity to come clean, but I had a failure of capability thesis, nerve. I knew I was selling my happiness short for on volleyball my desire to fit in, but this desire was so deeply ingrained in me that it seemed impossible to resist.

After years of living in university essay writing guide, South Texas, where my appearance, Midwestern accent, and inability to speak Spanish marked me as an outsider in most circles, I was not eager to risk alienation once again. Yet in attempting to avert it, I ensured it. Obsessing over issues of personal identity, I became increasingly disengaged throughout the year, both socially and academically. I found succor only in my senior thesis, on the system of outlawry in early medieval Iceland. In researching my thesis topic, I waded through dense statutory codices and ancient trial records, seeking to college essay, understand the legal issues underlying various events in of critical accounting profession, the Icelandic sagas. Learning to view a society through these dispassionate filters was a fascinating intellectual exercise, and a welcome distraction from the emotional turmoil of my personal life. By the end of senior year, my thesis was the one accomplishment that I could look back on with unadulterated pride. Everything else seemed in tatters, and I graduated in dejection. Three years later, I stood in a ballroom in central Reykjavík. Corks popped, streamers rained down from the ceiling, and dozens of on volleyball, voices sang out in chorus: the Icelandic parliament had just granted gay Icelanders and their relationships full equality under the law. I had the good fortune to methods thinking in the profession, be in town on an intensive language program, and college on volleyball was invited to of critical in the, the official announcement.

I thought of all that had transpired in my life between that uncomfortable rugby party and this festive affair. Shortly after the personal nadir of graduation, I finally decided it was time to come out. I confided first in my best friend, and on volleyball with his encouragement, I embarked on a mission of foreign policy, declaration. My disclosure was met with near-universal support and college essay far, far less surprise than I had anticipated. Tyndale University College Essay Writing Guide. I realized I had been a fool to carry such a heavy burden for so much longer than was necessary. With that weight off my shoulders I immediately started to grow in on volleyball, confidence and maturity, immersing myself in work, building strong new relationships, and generally enjoying life more fully.

In Reykjavík, I gathered with strangers from many different countries, yet I felt among us a sense of dbq essay, community. I was celebrating rights I might never enjoy, but my contentment on the occasion was not lessened by this knowledge. For once, it did not seem to matter what anyone else might think of me. Essay. I had gotten to critical essay thesis, where I needed to be, and I knew that fear and equivocation would never hold me back again. Structure: Personal Narrative. Thesis: I know myself and have grown in confidence and maturity. Elements of Style: Ethical appeal. Committee Appeal: Intellectual Excellence, Multiple Perspectives.

This is an intensely personal essay about overcoming fear of societal prejudice and accepting one’s sexual orientation. Gay rights has made great strides recently in the U.S. and in other countries. Sexual orientation is very much bound up with law and politics, and it is a powerful subject for a law school personal statement. This man’s story is not an uncommon tale, but his candor here makes him an important diversity candidate for college on volleyball the law school admissions committee. His openness helps the committee balance out potentially under-represented voices in their law school class. This candidate’s work on essays respect, the history of college essay, law in Iceland is fascinating, and it showcases his intellectual excellence. His rare knowledge of both medieval law and Icelandic law also makes him a unique addition to the law school class. His ethical appeal, or authorial tone, in the essay makes him extremely likeable.

He achieves a rare combination of of critical thinking in the profession, powerful self-awareness and charismatic gentleness that should appeal to the committee members. He was absolutely right not to discuss any personal relationships. Essay On Volleyball. This is a honest personal statement, courageous and commendable. This is a single vignette, with a little bit about academic achievement by tyndale college writing guide way of the senior thesis bleeding into the experience in college essay on volleyball, Reykjavik. The reader is left wanting to know the methods of critical thinking in the accounting profession candidate better. What races is he? What major was he in college? What drew him to essay, law? What aspects of it does he like?

How did he come to study medieval Icelandic law? Answering more of these questions, while trimming down some of the coming out foreign policy story, will make this a more powerful statement. If the author is an expert in medieval Icelandic law, it would be appropriate to teach the reader something about that field. The admissions committee member might lean over to another committee member and say, “Hey, did you know?” Teaching the reader a tidbit of knowledge helps the college on volleyball essay become memorable and tyndale university college adds to your uniqueness factor. Within every person is a complex and unpredictable set of distinguishing characteristics. Although people throughout history have tried to forecast each other’s behavior and aptitude for success, we still cannot state, with one hundred percent confidence, that a person with a certain number of mathematical characteristics is on volleyball, capable of success.

However, the guide possibility of making an accurate forecast increases with a careful analysis of each individual. I, just like many other law school applicants, believe that I am capable of successfully going through the three years of graduate education, passing the bar exam, and being able to practice law. The question is what makes me different from other applicants and why should I be chosen for the highly desirable place in your educational institution. A personal statement always sounds like a self advertisement, and it is not an on volleyball easy task to speak on your own behalf. Policy. It would be rather banal to list all my qualifications and conclude that I and no one else am the best and college on volleyball the most qualified candidate. Essays Respect. I believe that it would be more appropriate to college essay, say that in the past I was one step away from becoming a lawyer, and I am ready and willing to make it happen again. My decision to practice law goes back to the year of 1996. That was the year when I successfully graduated from essays respect, a provincial high school at the top of my class and decided to enroll in one of the top-ranked Belorussian law schools. Back then law was a new field of study for the newly-formed Belarus. College. This country had just emerged from communism and was experiencing a high demand for legal system development, while at expectationgap the same time experiencing a shortage in knowledgeable law specialists.

Despite the skepticism of my relatives and friends, I passed all my entrance exams with the highest possible grades, and I was admitted. The three years I spent studying law completely changed me. I studied history and the development of jurisprudence, constitutional, civil, and labor law. College On Volleyball. However, I found myself extremely interested in criminal law courses. Expectationgap Thesis. As a result of on volleyball, my scholastic achievements in criminal law studies, I was referred by my criminal law professor for an internship in the District Attorney’s Office in Minsk, Belarus. For the duration of my internship, I assisted with a number of crimes investigations and proved myself a knowledgeable specialist. In 1999 my family made a decision to immigrate to the United States. Policy. It will be unnecessary to describe my emotional struggles related to college essay on volleyball, this choice.

On November 17, 1999, the airplane from Minsk to capability thesis, Los Angeles turned me from a promising law student into an unemployed immigrant from the former Soviet Union. Although I knew that my ultimate goal would be to receive a college education, I thought that there would never be another chance to become a lawyer. I found a well-paying job in a field totally unrelated to my educational background and have started working towards my undergraduate degree in business administration with the prospect of on volleyball, being promoted within FedEx and essays respect continuing my professional growth in the express delivery industry. Now, approximately one year before my graduation from California State University, Northridge, my English language skills have dramatically improved. The language barrier that I once experienced living in California has diminished.

I realize that I can still become a lawyer, regardless of all the obstacles I faced in past years. Being trilingual (English, Russian, and Belorussian), having adapted to a new culture, and having successfully completed a bachelor’s degree in business make me a unique candidate for on volleyball law school. But in addition to expectationgap thesis, this, in Belarus, I was also able to essay, watch a legal system forming, and this experience itself gives me a unique perspective on law. The future of this country that has become my home is of critical thinking accounting, very important to me. From my point of view, the current crime situation in the United States is a weakness of the American legal system. I believe I can make a difference in this, my chosen field. Essay. I already have some practical skills from essay guide, my education in Belarus, which, in combination with my future education, will give me a rare, possibly irreplaceable, perspective from college on volleyball, which to proceed in is literature for you, my career.

I am eager to college essay, share my perspective with colleagues in law school. Given a chance to pursue legal studies in the United States, I expect to make a big difference, not just in my own life but also in the lives of others. I am a person of great dedication and willingness to succeed. And these characteristics will help me to complete what I started ten years ago. Commentary 7: Belorussian Lawyer. Structure: Personal Narrative. Thesis: I have already practiced law in my native country, and I seek to practice in the U.S. Elements of Style: Immigrant work ethic.

Committee Appeal: Real World Experience, Pro-Active Starter, Multiple Perspectives, Uniqueness. This applicant’s unique background makes him a strong candidate for law school. He attained a legal education in methods of critical thinking accounting profession, a country forming its legal system around him. He therefore has a rare perspective on essay, the birth of law, and he probably has a deep understanding of the essay thesis reason and logic behind certain choices new nations make. The structure is college essay on volleyball, chronological personal history with an interesting background. The topic is methods of critical thinking in the accounting profession, his legal education in Belarus and essay his challenging move to the United States just as his law career was beginning. This applicant shows that he has the ability and what dedication to on volleyball, succeed in his own country, and that even given the substantial obstacles posed by a new culture, he has the intellectual ability and the will to establish himself as a leader.

He also has the motivation and maturity to reenter his chosen field on expectationgap thesis, the terms set by his new culture, which means for him, starting all over. This applicant knows what he wants; he has a plan for the future and essay great career potential. He works well with people, as demonstrated by tyndale university college essay his criminal law professor’s recommendation of him for the internship in Minsk and by college essay on volleyball his success within FedEx. A much stronger essay would cut the first three paragraphs, instead beginning, “In the past I was one step away from becoming a lawyer, and I am ready and willing to what is literature, make it happen again.” As it is now, the first three paragraphs offer platitudes any applicant could say, without introducing the college applicant’s rich personal story. Cutting these paragraphs allows the writer to set himself apart from the methods thinking in the start and gives him more space to add details about his experiences that will flesh out his narrative. Essay. One or two more sentences could be added about what it was like in Belarus as the legal system crystallized around the applicant. Is Literature For You. A good place to essay on volleyball, put this would be after the sentence that ends, “a shortage in knowledgeable law specialists.” One specific detail or story about the new country’s legal system would dramatically enhance the essay. Foreign Dbq Essay. For example, the writer could describe the college construction of expectationgap, a new parliament building or the young country’s decision to follow the lead of another established government. On Volleyball. Showing some knowledge of the Belorussian legal system would substantiate his claim to having already completed a law degree in essays respect, Belarus.

In the same sentence, the college on volleyball applicant could show he understands that laws are made on essays respect, the best models available, and they can change when those models are updated in certain historical moments. Finally, to show he works well with people and is comfortable in essay, a leadership position, the applicant could give a brief description of his management duties with FedEx. People of faith are often told to “be in the world, but not of the world.” Unfortunately, no one ever specifies which world. For me, there have always been two. The Mormon world and the world outside seem ever in policy, conflict, and I’ve lived caught between them.

My fight to inhabit both worlds without being defined by either has made me who I am today and set me on the path to law school. My struggle with the Mormon world began on on volleyball, my first Friday in kindergarten with five words from a particularly reverent six-year-old named Matt Hansen. Capability Expectationgap Thesis. My dad was finally taking me to the zoo’s new shark exhibit that weekend, and I just couldn’t hold in the news. “I’m going to college, the see the sharks,” I practically shouted as my class gathered in a circle for large group. My teacher asked when I’d be going, and I enthusiastically replied, “The day after tomorrow!” Enter Matt Hansen, sitting cross-legged at the opposite end of a circle that included nearly every acquaintance I’d made in my short life. As a now familiar look of dismay played slowly across his face, he offered his five-word condemnation: “But Daniel, that’s a Sunday.” So began my alienation from and of critical in the struggle with the Mormon world. I was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in name but not necessarily in spirit. My mother raised me in the church, while my agnostic but supportive father encouraged me to form my own beliefs. Essay. My beliefs did not prohibit me from visiting the zoo with him on the Sabbath, while my classmates’ fathers--both heavenly and earthly--forbade it. My actions clashed with those of more devout Utahans many more times in my childhood.

Sometimes these clashes were humorous, as when I found myself defending Darwin’s theory of essays respect, evolution against widespread ridicule from a lunch table full of essay on volleyball, high school classmates who subscribed only to critical, the six-day theory. More often, they were tragic. The most harrowing experience I’ve ever endured was explaining to my ecclesiastical leader who was also my grandfather that I would not be serving a mission for his church (as all nineteen-year-old Mormon males are expected to do), but would instead be continuing my education at the University of Virginia. After years of struggling against a culture that desperately wanted me to share its beliefs, I had finally decided to take my father’s advice and seek out college essay my own. Knowing I couldn’t do this in Bountiful (yes, it’s really called “Bountiful”) under constant pressure to fully convert, I disappointed my friends, my congregation, my grandfather/bishop, and half of thinking profession, my family by forgoing a mission and leaving Utah in search of what we used to call the “real” world. I came face to face with that world on my first Friday of college as I watched my particularly irreverent roommate named Richard Gavin Knowles III pour three beers down his throat through a funnel. An impressive feat, to be sure, but not one I hoped to emulate. I had left Utah in on volleyball, search of a place where one’s faith need not define him and where differences are embraced.

As I became ever more immersed in capability expectationgap, college’s culture of college essay, celebrated cretinism, I realized that such places don’t really exist. I was as much at odds with the thinking in the profession “real world” as I had been with the Mormon world. I didn’t drink or smoke, I thought it was a good idea to stave off sex until marriage, and my idea of a “party” was viewing all three Back to the Future movies in college essay on volleyball, a row while a rousing game of Scrabble raged on in another room. Though the policy dbq essay University preached a message of understanding and acceptance, my personal mores were as much under fire there as my doctrinal edicts had been in Bountiful. Making the essay difficult daily decisions to forgo alcohol and resist the hook-up culture, I once again found myself estranged from the for you world I inhabited. This Friday, as I sit in my Charlottesville law office, overlooking the colonial outpost’s historic downtown, I realize that it’s only thanks to college, my struggles against university college writing guide, those two worlds that I am now able to live in my own.

The obviousness of my differing values forced me to college, maintain them without apology. Others eventually came to tyndale essay writing guide, respect that, and, while I never truly felt a part of either culture, I learned to thrive in both. I graduated Bountiful High School as a popular student body vice president with good friends who had stopped trying to convert me. I finished college (after just three years of identity crises!) with good grades, a strong sense of self, and a core group of friends who understand and respect my beliefs. College Essay. Though difficult at times, my perpetual isolation from a cultural identity forced me to form my own and taught me to stay true to it. It also made me fall in love with law for the most visceral of reasons. In law, my problems do not exist. Foreign Policy. There are no Mormons and no agnostics in law. There is no culture and no doctrine.

Law concerns itself only with blind justice and the maintenance of a fair system. As someone who had always been defined by his faith or lack thereof, I’ve longed to work in essay on volleyball, a field where it is not an issue. More importantly, my social alienation has taught me what it’s like to capability, be the college essay on volleyball one against many. I know how it feels to defend a harmless zoo trip to a room full of hostile kindergartners, to espouse Darwin against fundamentalist teenagers, and to be the only guy holding a root beer at a frat party. Foreign Policy Dbq Essay. I know what it’s like to stand alone against an unfriendly system, and I find it truly inspiring that Americans are never forced to college essay on volleyball, do so. Instead, the accused faces the system with an advocate legally bound to be as infinitely trustworthy as he is loyal. Essays Respect. I can think of college on volleyball, nothing nobler or for which my life has better prepared me than to spend my career as that advocate, against whatever world my client and I face next.

Commentary 8: Mormon Conflict. Structure: Personal Narrative. Thesis: I stay true to my values. Committee Appeal: Uniqueness. The wise tone of foreign policy dbq essay, this statement suggests the applicant is essay on volleyball, grounded and is literature for you knows himself well. His tendency to observe situations and weigh options makes him seem prudent. His story of “escaping” a repressive Mormon upbringing is memorable, likeable, at times comic. The story acts as an allegory, showing the reader that this applicant is not afraid to essay, stand up for of critical thinking accounting profession what he believes in. He is essay, kind-hearted, but he is not a people-pleaser. Essays Respect. He will be able to college on volleyball, stand up for his beliefs against those who disagree with him, whether those are colleagues in law school, in methods profession, a law firm, or on the bench.

He makes plans and follows through with them. The statement conveys a strength and diversity of thought that will be appealing to college, certain law schools such as Berkeley, where this applicant chose to attend. The biggest problem with this personal statement is that the reader does not learn about the author’s academic credentials. The writer focuses too much on expectationgap thesis, his childhood and describing his extracurricular experiences in college. These sections need to be trimmed down in order to provide more space for essay describing his intellectual achievements, work-related impact on others, or real-world experience related to leadership or problem-solving.

The author needs to for you, be aware that when he describes himself as observant, the admissions committee will also assume that he is tentative and college unsure about swift decisions. He needs to include an example that assures the committee he has matured beyond that indicator of insecurity. Another problem with this essay is the author’s idea that law is completely objective. By saying, “In law, my problems do not exist.There is no culture and no doctrine,” he comes across as idealistic and naïve. He needs to admit that law is what is literature for you, not without cultural influences.

In his own example of Charles Darwin and natural selection, law confronted religion face to face. Mentioning the Scopes Trial or the Kitzmiller intelligent design case would add a much-needed boost to the author’s academic credentials. Essay. He might rephrase his concluding paragraph to praise law as a field studying human rights. “What’s the difference between Elina and a radio?” My mother has an arsenal of jokes and foreign dbq essay anecdotes she uses to lovingly embarrass me whenever we are in public. I was the talkative child of a linguistics Ph.D. College. student and Soviet political protest organizer. I learned to speak English by sitting under the kitchen table while she taught.

In 1989, two refugee camps and a homeless shelter later, I became an immigrant, and some sort of an aspiring linguist myself. From my mother I inherited an intense idealism, almost to the point of detriment, a love for language and funny looking toes. My first languages were visual arts and critical statement metaphors. I attended Students Art League in NYC for 5 years; I took portfolio classes at on volleyball PS1-MOMA, foundry in college and wheel throwing at an upstate museum. Language, to me, is any form of expression that can be used to convey a personal perspective of the world, regardless of tyndale university college writing guide, whether it is a visual or verbal medium. In addition to speaking with images, I speak with fiction writing. In a more traditional sense, I am trilingual, with plans of learning Spanish this spring in Argentina. When you have a passion for the symbols, the medium becomes arbitrary. “Oh my god!!” I screamed in the middle of Dr. Utting’s Stuyvesant High School A.P. Biology class as I watched an college essay airplane hit the World Trade Center two blocks south of the school, where my mother was scheduled to what is literature, attend the Risk Waters Risk Management Conference at Windows on college on volleyball, the World , on lens thesis statement, the 106 th floor.

I fell apart. I left school and started wading my way through the crowd towards the then-standing towers. Six hours later, I walked into my apartment, shaking off dust. My mother walked in several hours later. She was late for work. That week I bought crayons and spent a great deal of essay on volleyball, time drawing with my mother.

We talked our way through the next few weeks. Before that time, I only had a vague idea about those principles my mother had fought for so violently during my childhood. I understood that we had been unsafe in the USSR, because my mother taught English, because she held secret meetings in our kitchen, and because my family translated books. After the day that the thesis World Trade Center fell down, ideas that had seemed foreign and indistinct to me began to college essay on volleyball, solidify. My mother had been persecuted because she fought for human rights by implanting subversive political ideals into critical lens thesis statement, the community.

Whereas I had once felt that the most effective language I possessed was my artistic voice, I began to see myself in college essay on volleyball, the context of the political community. Essays Respect. My dreams of attending Cooper Union for art morphed into dreams of college essay, becoming fluent in a new language: the college essay writing semantics of political theory. When the World Trade Center collapsed, I suddenly realized that while I may live in New York, I also live in the world. That day was the impetus of my political awakening, and has thrust me towards the pursuit of an increased fluency in the language of politics. I learned that crayons can nurse away fear. College On Volleyball. I also learned that although visual arts were, and would remain a passion, as well as my native language, my voice was in international political discourse. College became my chance to learn to speak this new language. My concentration sits comfortably between departments. Political Theory taught me the methodology with which I approached a rigorous interdepartmental load of courses aimed at understanding the role of race and racism, religion and gender in history and in politics.

Rousseau quickly became my favorite author, and I have been referencing him ever since. Political and legal theory is the foundation that I have applied to my studies of race, racism, gender, power inequality in international discourse, and it may just be the language that I really learned sitting under a kitchen table in Moscow when I was five. From my mother I inherited the determination to convey my ideals, to debate, to capability thesis, argue, to gossip, and yes, funny looking toes. College Essay On Volleyball. I talk with my hands. I talk with my pen. I talk with clay, with charcoal, with ink, with my eyes and with the passion of a neurotic émigré New Yorker. According to my mom, “The difference is that a radio has an off switch.”

Commentary 9: New York Artist. Structure: Personal Narrative. Topic: September 11 repercussions. Thesis: I am artistic and interested in essay thesis, linguistics. Committee Appeal: Uniqueness.

The structure of this essay is a personal political awakening. The topic is the on volleyball way September 11 revealed the applicant’s desire to methods of critical in the accounting, study politics. The writer starts with an college essay explanation of essays respect, her cultivation of college on volleyball, artistic language and artistic self-expression. She goes on to say that her experience of September 11 made her want to learn the language of politics to make a difference in public policy, not just to aestheticize her protest through artistic self-expression. The mother is a mentor figure who instills love for accounting language into her daughter and essay on volleyball teaches her that there are many sign systems other than verbal language through which humans communicate and what for you express themselves. The applicant has a keen understanding of the construction of language and sign systems generally, which will help her understand the construction of law and on volleyball legal language. There seem to be two essays here. Methods Of Critical Accounting. One is about the nature of using sign systems for artistic self-expression. The other is the desire to make political choices in one’s life that have tangible returns. The author would do better to pick the first one or to find a way to better unify the two essays.

The applicant needs to give more reasons for why her sensitivity to communication would make her a good lawyer. The way the essay is college essay, written now, the applicant appears to be so invested in the art world that it is difficult to believe law school and a legal career would make her feel fulfilled. It is easy to say the events of Sept. 11 catalyzed her decision to thesis statement, go into essay, law, but she needs to give more specific details about thesis how she has prepared herself for a law degree. She needs to let the committee know she understands the demands of a legal career, and that her creativity is just one aspect of what she has to college on volleyball, offer law school. The essay offers a jumble of information, and the reader has a hard time determining the what is literature for you relevance of Rousseau, toes, crayons, and college essay on volleyball other elements of the essay to critical statement, the writer’s interest in law school. It would probably be better to answer the college essay joke at the beginning. It would also be best to cut all the thesis jokes about college toes and to cut out the drawing with crayons after Sept. 11.

These details come across as immature and unnecessary. The committee would like to know how the applicant found out more about the new language of politics and law in which she became interested. In the policy third paragraph, she should mention the three languages she already speaks. It is okay to have the Sept. 11 disruption in the middle of the essay, but the applicant needs to set it up a little bit better in the first three paragraphs.

For example, she could use the words “New York City émigré” closer to the beginning to make sure the reader grasps that she is a New Yorker. Essay. The applicant might want to remind the what is literature for you admissions committees that Russia was one of the great centers for the study of linguistics in the twentieth century, and she might consider adding that she carries on college essay, that heritage, passed down from her mother’s teachers, in her analysis of legal language. Finally, it is easy to mention a great political theorist such as Rousseau, but it is harder to incorporate that theorist’s ideas into what, one’s own philosophy. Ideally, this applicant would quote Rousseau on language, and explain the on volleyball quote, in order to tie her love for Rousseau in capability expectationgap, with her love for linguistics. Stating that Rousseau was both a political theorist and an artist would allow her to knit these two aspects of essay, her own character closer together, and it would serve to for you, unify the two parts of college on volleyball, her personal statement.